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Coming Halloween 2021: “The Night the Moon Died”

I’m very excited to announce that my next release is coming in four short days! “The Night the Moon Died” is the first short story I’ve written in years, and I’m thrilled to be releasing it for you to enjoy on Halloween 2021!

“The Night the Moon Died” takes place in The Becoming Universe, and the events of the story occur over part of a single evening/night between the events of Redemption and the forthcoming Bloodlines. It features a (potentially familiar) character from Redemption, Dez Ikeda, and a new character, Emma Hadley, both whom will play very important roles in Bloodlines (Dez in particular), and I’m very excited to introduce both of these characters to you.

You can visit the page for the book by clicking right here! Be sure to stay tuned for the official launch! I think you’re really going to like my first foray into the world of short story writing. I know I really enjoyed working on this one!

Who is looking forward to this story? Be sure to comment below to let me know your thoughts!

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