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Hello, 2018! And With It Comes a Long-Overdue Post…

Pardon me while I take a moment to dust off the ol’ blog.

*busts out a Swiffer, goes to work*

Ah, that’s better.

Hello, everybody! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve shown myself around here, but I promise I had good reason for it. It’s been a pretty rough 2017, which is the only way I can account for my year-long absence from my blog.

First, I spent most of January through May slogging through that very last semester of my undergrad, and I finally walked away with not one but two degrees, in English and in History. This was a long time coming, truly. I started trying to get my undergrad degree(s) all the way back in 2003, and after switching majors a couple of times and spending about nine years “on a break” (during which I wrote some books that you guys presumably read and enjoyed or you wouldn’t be here), I finally finished it, and I couldn’t be more elated.

Then I started trying to write again. Then the thought crossed my mind, “Hey, maybe I should try to get my Masters.”

Yeah, that didn’t work out too well. I’ve since decided that grad school just isn’t for me. I’d rather spend my time writing and making a semi-living (at least supplementing my living) editing other people’s books. So that’s where I’m back to now, and I couldn’t be happier.

So on the writing front…

As you might or might not have noticed (and judging from book sales, it’s probably a “not noticed”), I released a book back in May, the sequel to The Unnaturals. It’s called Hellforged, and I’m rather proud of it. (And seriously, check out that cover. Is it not beautiful?) Be sure to go check it out. That series is turning out a lot darker than I anticipated, which is something the horror and dark fantasy fans might appreciate.

And on that front, I’m also almost done with the next book in that series, Wicked Creatures. As soon as I finish collecting up the cash to get the cover done, I’ll be releasing it. Hopefully I’ll have a better release date for you guys soon!

Still speaking of writing, I have great news for the fans of The Becoming Series: THERE’S GOING TO BE ANOTHER BOOK. Not with Permuted Press (they appear to have changed their publishing model or something and seem totally uninterested in publishing another book in the series). I’ll be putting it out myself. It’ll be titled THE BECOMING: BLOODLINES and will have a ton of new characters and, so far, some really crazy new situations. While it’ll primarily focus on Ethan, Sadie, and Kimberly, the other characters that were still alive at the end of Redemption will be making appearances, and I’ll be adding some new characters that I’m really hopeful that you’ll like! I know I like them; they’re diverse and just plain fun so far. I have to see how I feel about it, but I might end up releasing a small novella-length anthology type thing of short stories to introduce you guys to these new characters, because they’re just great. 🙂

I’ve also been working on a couple of other little projects, but those are intended for my agent to try to sell, so you guys might not see anything to do with those for quite some time.

I hope everyone has had a great 2017 and a great Christmas holiday season! And I wish every single one of you a Happy New Year and many wishes for an awesome 2018!


The Unnaturals Available Now!


Yes, you read that right! The Unnaturals is now available for purchase at Amazon for the low-low price of $4.99! (Okay, that’s low to me. It might not be considered low for some of you.) I’m seriously excited to have this book out there. It’s been in the works in some way, shape, or form since 2012, so it feels like forever since I started writing it. But it’s here now, and I’d love to hear what you think of it!

You can check out the book and pick up your copy by clicking on the image of the cover above or clicking here! After reading, be sure to leave a review!


Ladies and gentlemen! (Drumroll, please…)

I present to you the cover of my next release, The Unnaturals, the first book in The Unnaturals Series!


This lovely, amazing cover was designed by the ever-awesome Tony Mauro of Tony Mauro Illustrations!

So what’s this book about?

Riley Walker is one of the world’s best covert operatives, employed by a top-secret sector of the U.S. government known only as The Agency. Highly skilled and lethal in a fight, Riley is fiercely independent and adamant that she work alone after the mysterious death of her partner in an assignment gone wrong.

All that changes when she’s thrust into a new assignment investigating the deaths of twenty-seven Agency operatives. Forced to work with twelve-year Agency veteran Scott Hunter, Riley doesn’t get a chance to protest before she and her new partner are passed to a sector of The Agency they never knew existed: The Unnaturals. There, they meet Ashton Miller and Zachariah Lawrence—one the Director of The Unnaturals, the other the group’s top field agent—and learn of the existence of creatures out of their wildest dreams: Vampires. Demons. Werewolves. And more. And it’s up to them to prevent these creatures from harming humanity and taking over the world.

But everything goes horribly wrong when vampires attack Riley and Scott and capture Zachariah. As the two newest Unnaturals agents race the clock to track down the one weapon capable of killing the powerful vampires, they uncover a web of lies from the unlikeliest of sources in The Agency, one they never saw coming and aren’t sure they can survive.

And it gets even better! You can now preorder the ebook for The Unnaturals for only $4.99 in advance of its release on October 18, 2016! So CLICK HERE to preorder your copy today!

Look! I tried my hand at Vlogging!

So you get to look at my face for several minutes.

What a Ridiculously Long Absence It’s Been

I figured it’s about time I shuffled around over here and updated; my shameful silence since—holy crap, has it really been that long?!—October is frankly an embarrassment.

Firstly, the Becoming Series is over, done, finito. I really don’t have anything else to say with those characters in that world. I toyed with writing a novel that focuses on a certain trio of characters (for those who have read The Becoming: Redemption, I’m sure you can guess which ones), but it’s lowest priority right now, because I have more important projects to take care of first. There may be some novellas and short stories in the Becoming universe in the future too, which are more likely because they’re less of a time commitment, but they would be self-published and that requires cash that frankly, I don’t have right this moment. So I can officially say that any further work in the Becoming Series is decidedly backburnered.

So what am I working on, you ask?

Allow me to address this in list format.

  1. Wicked Creatures: The Unnaturals Series, Book 3. Urban fantasy / covert ops thriller. Supernatural meets Mission: Impossible. Yes, you read that right. This is the third book in The Unnaturals Series, which originally had a publishing deal with Permuted Press but is now a free agent in search of a new publisher (long story, that, which I’ll not be discussing here). Yes, I am on the third book of a series that doesn’t even have a publisher yet. But you can’t stop the creativity choo-choo train (did I really just write that?), and besides, if I write them all now, you’ll have less time to wait between each book coming out when it does get a deal.
  1. Revenant: The Agency Series, Book 2. Urban fantasy / covert ops thriller. Supernatural meets Mission: Impossible…again. This is the prequel series to The Unnaturals Series, ongoing tales meant to explore the dark, red-dripping underbelly of the supernatural world, from the point of view of the characters Ashton and Zachariah. I’m continuing this four-part series despite the fact the first book is probably not selling as much as I’d like (but that’s probably because I don’t promote—or post over here—as much as I should and hey, while you’re at it, you could hop over to Amazon and pick up the first book). It’s been fun to write, which is probably why I keep going with it despite its lack of sufficient sales.
  1. The Deadening. Horror / historical western. Pick a western. Any western. Add a whole lot of scary shit to it. That’s this book. Takes place in 1868 in the New Mexico Territory, features a “soldier’s heart”-riddled Civil War vet-turned-sheriff, a rather feisty, independent schoolteacher, a couple of deputies, and a four-person outlaw team who band together to protect the town from the spooky things that show up in the dark. It’s been way fun to write but very difficult, because it requires getting as close to historically accurate as possible, which obviously involves research.
  1. The Hollow Men. Dark horror / post-apocalyptic / literary. Yes, literary. I blame the influence of my current education during my work towards my English and History degrees. This one is deep. I’ll be self-publishing it, unless it turns out so well that I feel it needs to take the deep dive into traditional publishing.


So now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to address a few semi-personal matters that I feel need to be said by way of excuse.

I’ve been largely absent from online activity for a while now, and it’s for a couple of reasons.

Firstly: I’m currently full time in university, working to finish my degrees in English and in History. This is, obviously, a huge time suck. Add in working full time at my job on overnights and trying to keep up with my writing, and I’m sure you can understand why it takes me longer to get back in touch with people when they tweet to me or message me/post to my Facebook. That said, if you’d like a reply to anything you have to say to me and you want to make sure I see it, please email it to me rather than post it on social media. This way I can give it the attention it needs and you will be much more likely to get a response. My email address is jessica(at)jessicameigs(dot)com. Please insert appropriate punctuation in place of the punctuation placeholders.

The other reason for me being mostly absent from social media (and this blog) is much more personal. In July 2014, my father passed away, just three days after my twenty-ninth birthday. I’m sure it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s been a very rough year and a half for my family and me after this very much life-changing event. We’re still trying to adjust to life without him. As a result, I often have days where I lack motivation to do pretty much anything relevant or useful to my career—even including simple matters like writing a blog post. This is part of why it’s taken me months to get around to posting here on my site. Fortunately, I seem to be crawling out of this morass, likely because I was forced to by school last semester, and I haven’t backslid again, which is a huge plus. As such, I’m hoping to post more here, and not just about my books. So the site will, hopefully, be getting a little bit of a rebranding soon. It will still be the best place to come for book/publication news, but I’ll be making more posts with my thoughts on assorted matters. Because ultimately, I’m not advertising my books so much as myself—I want you guys who read The Becoming and its companion books to read my other works too!—and I want you guys to be able to get the opportunity to learn a little more about me and the way my brain works.

What these posts will entail, I don’t know yet. Some of them will be interesting things I’ve discovered through research for novels; some will be informative things I’ve picked up along the way at school. Maybe even some of it will be commentary on current events (but I haven’t decided if I want to do that for sure yet).

Anyway, expect some tweaks to how things are done here, but be assured they are good tweaks—tweaks that will hopefully make this site more of a place to come to read interesting posts in addition to my regular, sparse posts about my books.

The Becoming: Redemption Now Available!

As I’m sure most of you have figured out by now, I am absolutely terrible at remembering to update and blog over here. In my defense, I have a lot going on (work, school, writing, more of the same), so things like this sometimes slide right past me.

The majority of you are probably already aware of this, but I have a new novel out! It’s the final novel in The Becoming Series, and it wraps up the story of Our Adventurous Heroes in the Zombie Apocalypse as they deal with everything that’s cropped up for them in the course of the entire series. I like to think it closes things up nicely.

Redemption COVER

When Woodside fell, Remy and her companions barely escaped. Now they’re scrambling to recover their shattered lives and find a new place to call home. But their friend Brandt Evans is still missing.

Desperate to recover Brandt from the military’s grasp, Remy and her friends set out on a mission to find him–or die trying. Their search takes them back into the heart of Atlanta. What they find there are the seeds of a betrayal they didn’t expect and a world wholly different than what it had been when the Michaluk Virus struck. With the entire world turned on its head, the group finds themselves dealing with the biggest challenge of their lives.

In this exciting conclusion to The Becoming Series, the survivors of Woodside navigate birth, death, and everything in between as they fight against impossible odds.

You can pick up your copy of The Becoming: Redemption on e-retailers everywhere, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’ll update this post as I finish rooting out all the different retailers who offer the book for sale. 🙂 In the meantime, just go to your preferred e-retailer and search “Jessica Meigs,” and all my books, including Redemption, should pop right on up!

I’m Going to Texas Frightmare!

For the third year in a row, I will be attending the Texas Frightmare Weekend convention at the Hyatt Regency DFW in Dallas, Texas, on May 1st through May 3rd. This appears to be becoming a tradition for me.

I’ll have paperback copies of The Becoming, The Becoming: Ground Zero, The Becoming: Revelations, The Becoming: Under Siege, plus the first book in The Agency Series, Nightfall, for sale and autograph at my table. I’ll also be hosting a giveaway via random drawing for a $100 iTunes gift card (delivered electronically via email on May 5th)–but to enter, you’ll have to visit my booth at Frightmare. I’ll also have loads of bookmarks and some postcards at the table too, so feel free to drop by and say hello!

That said, do you have a convention near you that you think I’d be a good fit to attend? I’d love to know about it! Just shoot me an email (jessica.meigs at, Tweet me @JessicaMeigs, send me a message on Facebook, or comment here and let me know about it! I can’t promise attendance this year, but at least I can put it on my schedule to look into for next year!

COVER REVEAL: The Becoming: Redemption!

Yes, you read that right! It’s time for the cover reveal for The Becoming: Redemption, the final book (other than the book of novellas) that’s being released in the series!

Redemption COVER

Yes, for those who are wondering, that’s Remy Angellette, finally making her series cover debut! (I’ve been sitting on this one since book three, when I realized there were going to be more than three books to the series.)

Cover art is by Dean at Conzpiracy Digital Arts.

So…what do you guys think? Does this make you anxious to read the conclusion of the series?

Announcement Regarding The Becoming Series

So I have a little bit of an announcement to make, now that the ink is dry on the paperwork.

There will not be six books in The Becoming Series.

There are a variety of reasons that this is going to happen, but the primary reason is that, contrary to the outlines I drafted almost two years ago, there just isn’t enough material left to get an entire sixth book written for this series. I’d rather give you guys five great quality books than six so-so books. This isn’t, of course, the only reason I’ve made this decision, but this is the primary reason for it.

So what I’m doing is this: Book five is being retitled to The Becoming: Redemption. Instead of publishing a sixth novel, Permuted is going to reissue The Becoming: Origins, BUT Origins will have an added bonus of including two never-before-released novellas, one called “My Brother’s Keeper,” which is a story about the twins Sadie and Jude O’Dell, and a currently untitled story that tracks Remy Angellette when the outbreak reached New Orleans. Both of these stories take place before or concurrently with book one in the series. The Becoming: Origins will still include the novellas “Brothers in Arms” and “Origins.”

Hopefully all you guys are understanding about the need for these changes to take place, but I promise you that, in exchange, Redemption is going to be EPIC.

NIGHTFALL (The Agency Series #1) Now Available!

I am very, very excited to announce that my newest novel, Nightfall, is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Nightfall Cover copy

Beyond the FBI, the CIA, and the Secret Service, there’s an organization known simply as The Agency.

And within The Agency are those who fight against the creatures of our nightmares.

As one of the best covert operatives in the United States’ employ, Ashton Miller travels the world, infiltrating the lairs of drug lords, arms dealers, and mercenaries and dispensing swift justice to those who deserve it. Until one day when he runs into another operative in the middle of his assignment. An operative who shouldn’t even be there.

Zachariah Lawrence is thrilled to meet another covert, especially one as talented as Ashton Miller. The attraction between them is undeniable, and Zachariah is elated when they’re assigned to work together on a mission to drop a document to Nathan Chambers, a notorious arms dealer who leaves a trail of dead bodies in his wake.

There’s a reason why Chambers is so dangerous. And as Ashton and Zachariah work together, they find themselves on the wrong side of supernatural creatures they never knew existed. And now, these monsters are out for their blood.

Nightfall is the first book in The Agency Series. What’s The Agency Series, you ask? Why, it’s the four-book prequel series for the upcoming novel The Unnaturals; it focuses on two of the main characters from that novel and their (very, very interesting) backstory that leads up to all of the events in that particular series. And it has been a lot of fun to write this first book, so I’m looking forward to seeing the reactions I get for it. 🙂

If you would like to purchase Nightfall, you can view the purchase page on Amazon right here. Nightfall is available for only $0.99 in ebook format for a limited, introductory period, so if you’d like to try out a new series from me but are iffy if you’ll like anything non-zombie that I’ve written, then now is definitely a good time to grab your copy!

As an aside, I’ve been trying to get the book uploaded to Barnes & Noble for those of you who prefer to purchase books from that retailer, but there appears to be something wrong with their system or something, because it isn’t letting me upload it. In the meantime, the version I’ve uploaded for purchase on Amazon is DRM-free, which means you can use Calibre to covert it to any format you need so it can be read on any ereader of your choosing. If you’d like to go that route and need some assistance with this, please feel free to get in touch with me, and I’ll be happy to help! 🙂

If you purchase and read the book, reviews are definitely encouraged! You can leave a review on the Amazon product page, or you can leave a review on the book’s Goodreads page.