4.0: Reapers


When Ashton Miller met his fate at the hands of Brandon Hall, his life ended. Everything that he thought he knew was cast aside, and in his place rose the Reaper Abdiel.

A near-legendary figure with a haunted past, Abdiel has been granted a single chance at redemption. His mission: to protect the Witnesses at all costs, even if it means his life. Again.

But the mission is rife with problems. The Witnesses don’t trust him. The Mother of All Dark Things and her demons are not only still after them, but they’re gunning for the key to open the gates of Hell itself. And his charges have managed to unwittingly unlock the beginnings of their powers without any idea how to use them. And it’s up to Abdiel to not only teach them how to wield their powers but to also help stop Ahm before it’s too late.


Reapers is the fourth book in The Unnaturals Series and is coming soon to the following retailers! Stay tuned to this page and subscribe to my newsletter for updates on when it is available!

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