5.0 Demon Marked

After the traumatic events in Dallas, Texas, that nearly ended with the death of one of the Witnesses, Riley and Scott flee to his cabin in Minnesota, accompanied by Sera, who has every intention of teaching Riley about her powers and how to control them so she can more capably help prevent the Biblical apocalypse. But then Scott receives a phone call from his brother: his niece, Katie, is missing, and all indications point to something terrible having happened to her.

As she and Scott begin their investigation into his niece’s disappearance, Riley is shocked to receive a phone call from the missing girl in question two days after she went missing. Katie begs her to meet up with her—alone. And when she does, she discovers that not only was Katie not taken from her father against her will, but she’s in terrible danger—and is harboring something that could spell either their salvation or their doom.

*This is a pre-publication synopsis and may change prior to publication.

Demon Marked is the fifth book in The Unnaturals Series and is coming soon to the following retailers!

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