3.0 Wicked Creatures

Wicked Creatures Ebook Cover

Scott Hunter hadn’t expected to end up in New Orleans.

But that’s where he and his partner, Riley Walker, have found themselves: in the heart of a city known for its connections to the supernatural. That reputation is well earned—and makes itself known when the bodies start to drop around them.

Scott quickly realizes what’s after them this time: werewolves. But they’re not acting alone. There’s a woman, one dressed all in red, one with the ability to command werewolves to her will. And she’s fixated on Scott as her next target.


Wicked Creatures is the third book in The Unnaturals Series and is available at the following retailers!

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Wicked Creatures is also available as an audiobook! You can order your copy today from the following audiobook retailers!

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In addition, you can order paperbacks of Wicked Creatures from the following retailers!

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