5.0: Redemption

When Woodside fell, Cade and her companions barely escaped. Now they’re scrambling to recover their shattered lives and find a new place for the survivors to call home. But Brandt Evans is missing, taken by the military forces he called for help, and none of them know where to start looking for him.

Desperate to save Brandt from the military’s grasp, Cade and those of her friends that are still alive set out on a mission to find him—or die trying. Their search takes them back into the heart of Atlanta. What they find there are the seeds of a betrayal they didn’t expect and a world wholly different than what they believed it’d been when the Michaluk Virus struck. With their entire world turned on its head, the group finds themselves dealing with the biggest challenge of their lives.

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  1. Hey Jessica, I’m curious about your republishing of The Becoming series. I own books 1-5 in paperback, love the series by the way, which I bought a few years ago. I grabbed the free reworked e-book copy of The Becoming, and I’m curious, which of books 2-5 have the most changes in them? And are the changes to the story enough that it would be noticeable to those of us who own previous copies of the books and are excitedly awaiting Bloodlines? I’m guessing Redemption likely is worth picking up? Thanks !

    1. Hi, Stephanie! I hesitate to answer this in a comment, because I’m worried I’m going to spoil things for people who haven’t read the book yet. Since it involves reference to plot points, do you mind using the contact form to email me so I can elaborate on what’s different in each book, since you’ve read the old editions? That way you have a fuller idea of what’s different in books 2-5 without me risking spoiling anything for new readers. 🙂

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