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  1. I have been rereading The Beginning Origins; the novella about Theo and Gray and remembered confusion I had when I read it the first time! When Dillon shows up he has a conversation with Theo, commenting that Gray can’t stand him (Dillon) but he doesn’t care about that. Later on, there’s Gray apparently meeting Dillon for the first time and being introduced to him! Big continuity clanger. Why didn’t somebody catch this? And if the story was rewritten later, why wasn’t it caught then? I love the writing and have bought all the other books but this seriously needs to be fixed! Alex

    1. Hi, Alex! Thanks for commenting, and sorry it took so long for me to reply. I think what I was getting at is that Gray’s never met Dillon, but that hasn’t stopped him from disliking him anyway. Considering Theo and Gray have been diagnosed with codependency issues, Gray wouldn’t like anybody that would be monopolizing Theo’s time. That’s what I was going for, anyway; maybe I wasn’t clear enough at it. Hopefully I can get that fixed prior to the book’s reissue with Permuted Press! 🙂

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