Book Releases The Becoming Series

Because I couldn’t contain myself… “The Night the Moon Died” is available now! :D

Me, this morning: “I have a new short story releasing on Halloween 2021!”

Me, this evening: “Well, I’m done with the cover, I’m done with revisions, I’m done with formatting…I could just put it up in time for Halloween.”

Also me this evening: *uploads “The Night the Moon Died” to Payhip*

Yes, you can now read “The Night the Moon Died,” several days early, but just in time for Halloween! The story is available in .epub or .pdf format through special download on my Payhip store in a pay-what-you-want format! You can opt to download the story for free just by leaving the price at zero, or, if you’d like to contribute to my career so I can continue to take time away from editing to bring you more stories, you can pay what you think the story is worth by entering any amount you choose into the box above the “Add to Cart” button prior to checking out.

I am grateful to every one of you who chooses to pick up the story, whether it’s for free or whether you choose to contribute. Every download means one more person is actually reading (and hopefully enjoying) my writing! So thanks so much for spreading the word and enjoying my stories! 😀

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