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Doubleshot Reviews The Becoming Series (Thus Far)

*Note: I totally meant to post this yesterday, but I forgot to shift it out of draft to published. I’m such an airhead sometimes. (This is what happens when you’re working on FIVE DIFFERENT PROJECTS at the same time. Post on that entertaining hilarity coming soon.)

I rewrote the title of this post three times before I could get something that made sense without being repetitive. “Doubleshot Reviews Reviews The Becoming Series” didn’t quite have the same ring to it lol.

So Mrs. Heather Faville spent quite a bit of time out of her busy reviewing schedule to read all three works I’ve released or am about to release to date, back to back. I applaud her and apologize for any loss of sanity she may have experienced by reading all three books so quickly.

That said, a quick recap and links to the reviews!

First up, she read and reviewed The Becoming, which is book one in the series (as I’m sure that all you folks who visit my site already know). As I usually do, here’s a little snippet of the review:

The Becoming by author Jessica Meigs has, quite honestly, just about everything I like about a zombie novel. A good plot, decently solid characters attempting to survive…and a good amount of action, both zombie and otherwise.

Doubleshot has a really neat review system: instead of rating things with stars, she rates them with espresso shots. While I’m not a fan of espresso (or any coffee drinks, really), I still think that’s pretty awesome. I also think it’s awesome she rated The Becoming as a “Triple with a splash of milk” (which is apparently the equivalent of a 4.5-star review)! You can check out the entirety of the review right here!

As I said earlier in the post, Doubleshot didn’t review just The Becoming; she also reviewed The Becoming: Brothers in Arms, the novella that I released on my own that tells the backstory of the characters Theo and Gray Carter. And she had great things to say about it too!

The Becoming: Brothers in Arms is excellent bonus material for those who really enjoy getting detailed information on characters we meet in some of our favorite books. It can be read either before or after The Becoming, the first book in the series and contains no spoilers for the upcoming sequel The Becoming: Ground Zero.

And, even better, she gave Brothers in Arms a Quad rating! (Which is five-stars, for all you uneducated rubes out there. :P) You can read her whole review right here. I’ll warn you, part of the review made me laugh out loud, especially when I was clued in to which part of the book she was talking about; I’m curious if the rest of you will get the reference!

And lastly…

Drumroll, please…

Doubleshot Reviews got their hands on an advance copy of The Becoming: Ground Zero, which doesn’t even come out until late next month. This honestly made me nervous. Don’t ask me why, but out of the books I’ve released or had released so far, The Becoming: Ground Zero‘s impending release has me more nervous than a teenage boy on his first date with a real girl! (That analogy may have fallen flat. I apologize for any eyerolling that just had to happen with that.)

My fears over Ground Zero have, thankfully, been alleviated.

The Becoming: Ground Zero is a fantastic continuation of the series and, most definitely, worth your time in picking up after reading The Becoming. It contains the same awesome elements of book one but with more action, more emotion, more violence, which, of course, leads to more deaths/kills.

So it seems Doubleshot actually liked Ground Zero, which just tickles me to pieces. 😀 She didn’t include an espresso rating on this one (which I hope doesn’t mean she thinks it’s so bad it doesn’t rate lol), but that’s okay, because she has great things to say about the book itself! You can read the entirety of that review right here!

*Edit: So apparently, Ground Zero got a QUAD rating!

Now that that’s laid out, get your butts over to Doubleshot Reviews and start following her site for more awesome book reviews and recommendations!


  1. Not putting in a rating was an error on my end. The Becoming: Ground Zero was most definitely a QUAD (5 stars)!

    Thank you for the kind words, Jessica. The world of The Becoming was a fun and wild adventure. I look forward to continuing the series

    1. Woohoo! Another quad under my belt! (I wish I knew what an actual quad espresso looked like IRL lol.) Totally about to edit the post now, haha.

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