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Rhiannon Frater Reviews The Becoming on Goodreads! :)

I meant to post about this several days ago and got totally sidetracked by the shiny new computer I’m working on right now. 😀

Rhiannon Frater, author of The First Days, Fighting to Survive, and Siege (also known as the As The World Dies trilogy), plus her newest book The Last Bastion of the Living (which I’m about halfway through and LOVING so far), has posted a review of The Becoming, the first book in The Becoming series, on Goodreads! And she had some very great things to say about it:

What can I say? Jessica Meigs is an awesome writer! She really hits it out of the park with this debut novel. The writing is crisp, exciting, dynamic, and freakin’ scary! Her characters are well-defined, make sense, and interact with each other very realistically. Her zombie mythos has a slight new twist to it, which I found to be fun, and there were some seriously intense scenes that had me gripping my tablet with both hands. … Honestly, this book should be a must-read for anyone who loves zombies, post apocalyptic fiction, or likes kickass heroines.

Jessica Meigs is one of the best new authors I’ve read in the last year.

You can read her entire review of The Becoming (book one) on Goodreads right here, and you can follow Rhiannon on Goodreads by clicking here and hitting the Add as a Friend button (or the Become a Fan button). You can also find me on Goodreads right here. Feel free to request to become a friend of mine on there, and if you’ve read The Becoming, you can check out other reviews from other readers, rate the book, and even review it yourself! 🙂

(And, while you’re on Goodreads, add The Becoming: Ground Zero to your TBR list! It won’t be much longer till it releases, and you can check out what pre-readers are saying about it on the book’s page too! I think one of my favorite tweets regarding the book is from reviewer Shawn Camp: “Feels like The Breakfast Club mixed with a little death and zombies.”)

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