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I’m Having a Second-In-Series Sale!

For quite a while, pretty much since their releases (or, at least in the case of The Becoming, its re-release), I’ve had the first book in each of my two currently available series at the low, low price of free. This is mainly because I wanted to entice new readers into the series, but also because, since it’s had the biggest changes out of all of the books from their original editions, I wanted to sort of “reward” old readers by not making them have to pay to at least check out the overhaul I’d done on the series—at least enough to get a taste of it. But I wanted to do something different, especially if it was something that could entice some of the insane number of folks who have picked up, say, The Becoming to check out its sequel Ground Zero, too. Same for The Unnaturals and Hellforged—I want more people to snag book two in that series and, perhaps, get hooked in, especially since there’s only two more books left in that series!

So, for at least the rest of the year, if not a bit past that (depending on my mood and whether I want to deal with the hassle), Ground Zero, which is the second book in The Becoming Series, and Hellforged, which is the second book in The Unnaturals Series, have been marked 40% off, down to the low price of $2.99! So, in essence, if you pick up The Becoming and then grab Ground Zero, you’re getting not one, but TWO books for $2.99! (Same for The Unnaturals Series, too!) How can you beat that sort of deal?

You can check out Ground Zero right HERE and Hellforged HERE. Be sure to pick up your copies before the prices go up again! And don’t forget to leave a rating and/or review on Amazon or any other retailer of your choice!


As a friendly reminder, you can still get The Becoming and The Unnaturals, the first books in their respective series, for FREE on all major ebook retailers, along with Payhip, my online store where you can purchase books directly from me!

The Becoming is now available in audiobook format from Tantor Media! You can check it out and pick up your copy by visiting Audible or

The Unnaturals is also available in audiobook format from Tantor Media! You can pick up your copy of that audiobook by visiting Audible or

“The Night the Moon Died,” a new short story that takes place in The Becoming Universe, is also available from all major retailers for the low price of $0.99! This story takes place after Redemption and before Bloodlines and will reveal a major problem that our intrepid characters will face in Bloodlines. Be sure to check it out by clicking HERE.

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