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It’s Official: The Unnaturals is Releasing as an Audiobook!

Yes, you read that right! The Unnaturals is going to be available very soon as an audiobook, thanks to the generosity of Tantor Media!

Narrated by Kristin James, The Unnaturals will be releasing on Audible and other audiobook retailers on March 2, 2021! I’ll be keeping the book’s page updated with links as they propagate to the different retailers, but it’s currently available for preorder on Audible if you’d like to go ahead and preorder your copy by clicking here! Kristin James is a phenomenal narrator–I’ve listened to several other audiobooks she’s narrated, and I’ve enjoyed her narration immensely, so I’m so very excited that she’s the one who was chosen to narrate this series!

Be sure to pick up your copy ASAP! I need the sales on this one to be good so Tantor will pick up the rest of the series (they currently have books 1-3), and that can only happen with YOUR help! Help spread the word, tell your friends, pop over and use one of your Audible credits on the book, give it a listen, and maybe consider leaving an honest review?



    1. Hi, Victoria!

      The audiobooks for Hellforged and Wicked Creatures should be available via Audible and! Further books should become available soon! 🙂


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