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I’m super excited at the moment–I’m less than 20,000 words away from being done with the revisions for Revelations! (And yes, that’s one that’s currently up for preorder, which you can access by clicking right here.) The progress on this book has been going shockingly smoothly, and I’ve hit my revision goals just about every day that I’ve been working on it this past month…which means, inevitably, something is going to happen to derail my progress. But I won’t let it, especially since this book is supposed to release on March 23rd, and I’m letting nothing stop me from getting it out there for you guys!

Because of how smoothly the Revelations revisions are going, I’ve actually had some time left over in the evenings to work on Reapers. I really so very desperately want to get that book out for you guys. I know it was originally planned to come out in May 2020, but the pandemic and all its assorted mess really threw me off my groove when it came to writing, and then I rescheduled it for December 2020, but in the meantime, I got my rights back to the Becoming Series, so I’ve been focused on that one. But Reapers is progressing for sure. It’s now two-thirds done, give or take a little bit, and I’m at a very exciting point in the story that I’ve had drafted out by hand for months now, so I’m fully expecting this last third of the novel to go swiftly and smoothly, and once revisions are done, it should release pretty quickly, since I already have the cover done for it!

Speaking of The Unnaturals Series, in case you missed the news, the first book in the series, The Unnaturals, is going to be releasing as an audiobook on March 2nd, thanks to Tantor Media! You can check out more details about that by visiting my last blog post, where I made the announcement; there are also links to the audiobook retailers (as I am notified of them) on that page, too. Please consider picking up a copy; the audiobook publisher only purchased the rights to books 1-3, so every sale counts if you want to hear the series in its entirety and not get left with an incomplete story at the end of book three!

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