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Welcome to 2023!

Yeah, I know, I’m like a week late on this. In my defense, I’ve spent the past week plotting out the next year when it comes to writing—trying a new process to figure out what I’m going to write when so I can have a better idea of when I’ll actually be finished with certain projects. This isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, especially when I’m re-entering the process to get my MA because I don’t have enough to do with my life, apparently. Most of this planning involved figuring out, first, what projects I wanted to tackle this year and what order I wanted to tackle them in. Which is most of what this post is actually about.

So I have three projects I’m wanting to work on this year (potentially four, but we’ll see once I finish the second one where I’m at and adjust from there). The first, obviously, is going to be Bloodlines. I actually finished the rough draft of the book around mid-Decemberish, and ever since, I’ve been overhauling it, pulling it apart and rearranging things, adding some scenes for a subplot that accidentally got dropped, that sort of thing. So basically I’m spending the next month-ish in revisions, which, if I stay on track (which I’m already ahead, by the way), then I’ll be able to finish the book no later than February 10th. At that point, once revisions are completed, I’ll put up a preorder for it, then do my proofreads, which I usually block out around ten days for. Then I’ll upload everything and let it out into the world. Right now, assuming everything stays on track, I’m looking at a release date on or about February 28th!

After that, I’ll be focusing in on Demon Marked, which is the next book in The Unnaturals Series. After a week’s worth of outlining and plotting, I’ll be sitting down and starting the drafting process on it. I’m looking forward to this one—there’s only it and one other book left in the series, and what I have planned for these two books is going to be nuts. I’m hoping you guys really enjoy it, too!

After that, I’m going to dive into writing/finishing The Deadening and properly getting it out there. It won’t be serialized—I’m going to be dropping the entire novel as soon as it’s done. This one is a little bit of a labor of love; it’s a story I couldn’t get out of my head when the idea hit me, and it’s one that’s continued to linger in the back of my brain ever since. My initial plan was to serialize it, but I’ve given up on that and I think you guys will prefer (and I would prefer) just releasing it as an entire novel at once. It’ll likely be a standalone, which I don’t normally write, but who knows? Maybe I’ll say screw it and do a series. (Probably not. I’m not sure where to take it after what I have planned for this book.)

After that…well, we’ll see what we tackle next. Likely, I’ll be circling back around to The Becoming Series to dive into book seven; I’ve finally come up with a title for it, and it’s also, likewise, going to be crazy, especially after the way Bloodlines ends. You guys are going to love it, I promise.

So that’s the plan for 2023. I’m looking forward to getting some of these books out into the world, because I’m very excited to write them, and if I’m excited to write them, then I know you guys are going to love them!

What about you? Which of my books are you looking forward to the most? Let me know in the comments below!


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