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Holy Cow, I Actually Finished a Book! + Audiobook Sale Reminder!

Reapers is finally done!

Yes, you read that subject line right! I finally, finally finished a book! More specifically, I wrapped up the last 5,000 words in Reapers (the fourth book in The Unnaturals Series, for those of you keeping count) last night, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out (though I’m totally nervous about the reception of the ending, which is a bit of a miniature bloodbath).

Reapers has been a looooong time coming. Probably way too long. I think I’d originally planned to release Reapersback in something like May 2020.

We all know what happened in 2020.

I pushed the release date for Reapers back from May-ish to December 2020.

That didn’t happen, either.

Then I decided, Okay, just release it in 2021. But that didn’t happen, either. I have no excuses for it not happening in 2021, except I was busy and I think my poor brain just wasn’t in the right place. That, and starting in December 2020, I think I was overly focused on the revision and expansion of The Becoming Series and getting those re-released after getting my rights back from the former publisher.

So finally, finally, after all these long delays, I’ve finished Reapers.

Of course, that brings the question: when will it be out?

Well, I’ve got to go through it and do some revisions. There’s a handful of scenes I want to add in that I think need to be in there, plus a few things I want to flesh out, some foreshadowing I need to sprinkle in for the next book, that sort of thing. I’m giving myself a month to do that, because for me, revisions are something that can be done very quickly. So I’m hoping to be done with revisions somewhere near the end of August. Which will put the release date around 9/15 at the latest.

A preorder for the book will be going up around the time I hit the 50% mark in the revisions, so keep an eye out for that! (No worries, it’ll be announced here when the preorder is up and running.)

Who is looking forward to this book? What sort of questions are you hoping get answered in it? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t forget the audiobook for Ground Zero is on sale for 75% off until August 1st!

You can check out more details on that sale by clicking HERE to visit the post I made about it earlier this month!


As a friendly reminder, you can still get The Becoming and The Unnaturals, the first books in their respective series, for FREE on all major ebook retailers, along with Payhip, my online store where you can purchase books directly from me!

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