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COVER REVEAL: Bloodlines (The Becoming Series #6)!

I am super excited to take a moment to officially reveal the very awesome cover for Bloodlines, the next book in The Becoming Series!

I’m not going to beat around the bush on this. I’m just going to drop it here for your enjoyment!

How awesome-looking is this cover? I mean, really! My cover artist has, so far, done an amazing job with all the covers in this series; he’s been so spot-on with choosing cover models and such that fit the general image of what I picture in my head for these characters that it’s almost crazy. (Seriously, is he reading my mind?)

I’m particularly excited about this book, because an entire thread of the storyline takes place in my very own hometown! I’ve been writing this series for over twelve years now–I started the very first drafts of the first book in 2009, when I was in EMT school–and for some reason, even though these characters have ranged far and wide over the Southeastern United States, they’ve never ended up in my own little spot in the road, so I figured it was about time I did something about that.

So what is Bloodlines going to be about? Allow me to tell you. Please be aware that the description below may contain some spoilers for events from Ground Zero and Revelations, so if you haven’t read beyond book one, just be advised there are spoilers.

It’s been three months since Ethan Bennett and his friends discovered the existence of the Wall and took over the Eden Facility, and three months since he, Kimberly, and Sadie set out to track down and evacuate survivors to safety, and Ethan has finally begun to come to terms with being a carrier of the Michaluk Virus.

But everything changes after they rescue a lone survivor outside of the Demopolis community in Alabama. A fellow survivor and acquaintance from Sadie’s past, Dez Ikeda, reveals a potentially devastating discovery he’s made, one that the leadership of the community is trying to keep under wraps. Ethan starts experiencing new, alarming side effects from his infection, ones that could upend everything they thought they knew about the virus. And an attack on Demopolis reveals an unexpected threat closing in on them, one determined to accomplish their goals by any means necessary.

I’m very happy to reveal, too, that I’ve actually finished the rough draft of this novel, which is a very, very important step toward getting this book into your hands. With the speed I’m currently working on it at, I’m predicting I’ll have the book ready to launch by summer of 2022! So be sure to subscribe to my newsletter or follow my blog by filling out the little form on the right sidebar of the website to stay up to date on when the book’s preorder is ready to go and when it will be releasing!


  1. I read that Bloodlines was being released in 2022 but i’m unable to locate it for sale. Where or when can I buy this book?

    1. Hi, Sherry!

      Bloodlines was originally intended to be released at the end of 2022, but when I had to pull the subplot because it wasn’t working, it threw the publication date a little later than I’d planned, since now I have to replace the subplot with something else (otherwise the book will be, IMO, way too short). This is basically the equivalent of adding about 30,000 words to the manuscript, or about a third of the length of most of the other books. So now I’m on track to wrap up those revisions and have the preorder up by the end of this month, with a release sometime in the second half of February. I’ll have a better idea of the release date once I finish up the revisions, since the rest of the book’s production is pretty much purely administrative at that point! 🙂

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