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I went on a cruise, and now I have SO MANY story ideas…

I know I haven’t posted in just a little bit, but life has been incredibly busy for me over the past week-ish. I just got back this morning from my first cruise, a four-day jaunt from Mobile, Alabama, to Cozumel and back with my sisters Amanda and Stephanie, and I’m exhausted. Why is it when you go on vacation, you come back more exhausted instead of less? We had a great time, though, and hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to go on a little vacation with each other again sometime soon, something that we haven’t really had the chance to do before. Have any of you guys ever been on a cruise before? Where did you go? How long was yours? How did yours go for you? Was it a great experience or a terrible one?

Anyway, on the book front… Now that I’m back in town, I’m back at my desk and getting prepared to get back to work with both my editing and my writing. I’m still working on the revisions for The Becoming: Bloodlines, which is going to be SO good; if you haven’t read it yet, there’s a sneak peek of the first chapter available right here on this website! I’m for sure on track to finish the book somewhere around the end of November. To move myself along and motivate myself to get it done as quickly as possible, I’m going to be using NaNoWriMo as a motivator to get the revisions done so I can get it prepped for you guys to read.

In the meantime, I’m working full steam ahead on revisions for Hellforged, which is the second book in The Unnaturals Series, and I’ll be getting the cover done for it really soon. I’ll have that one out by about mid-November, with The Becoming: Bloodlines hitting the e-shelves before Christmas as a lovely little Christmas gift for you guys. I’d hoped to have it out by Halloween, but the cover artist was unable to accommodate getting the cover done in that time frame, so I had to bump it a bit, unfortunately. But trust me, it will be well worth the wait!

Also, just in case you missed the news, I want to remind everyone that The Unnaturals is now available on Amazon for only $3.99 or for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription! You can check out more details about the book and pick up your own copy right here while you wait for book two to come out next month!

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