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The Becoming: Ground Zero Now Available on Smashwords!

I am very excited to announce that my second novel, The Becoming: Ground Zero, is now available to purchase in eBook format from Smashwords! Keep reading for the synopsis, and then check out the purchase link at the bottom of the page!

One year after the Michaluk Virus decimated the southeast, Ethan Bennett and his six companions have become as close as family while facing the trials of living in a drastically changed world. Then a mysterious woman arrives at their safe house in Alabama, pleading for assistance in getting into Atlanta. Despite their suspicions that the woman is hiding important information, Ethan and his friends agree to help. But when they’re suddenly forced to flee from the infected, the cohesion the group cultivated is shattered.

As members of the group succumb to the escalating dangers on their path, new alliances form, new loves develop, and old friendships crumble. In the face of unending horror, one man makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends, while another reveals secrets that could hold the key to humanity’s survival.

Purchasing The Becoming: Ground Zero from Smashwords is ideal for readers who either don’t want DRM on their eBooks, who want a variety of formats to choose from, and who live overseas and cannot purchase from US-based eBook sites. If you’re interested in purchasing the eBook from Smashwords, you can check it out right here!


Doubleshot Reviews The Becoming Series (Thus Far)

*Note: I totally meant to post this yesterday, but I forgot to shift it out of draft to published. I’m such an airhead sometimes. (This is what happens when you’re working on FIVE DIFFERENT PROJECTS at the same time. Post on that entertaining hilarity coming soon.)

I rewrote the title of this post three times before I could get something that made sense without being repetitive. “Doubleshot Reviews Reviews The Becoming Series” didn’t quite have the same ring to it lol.

So Mrs. Heather Faville spent quite a bit of time out of her busy reviewing schedule to read all three works I’ve released or am about to release to date, back to back. I applaud her and apologize for any loss of sanity she may have experienced by reading all three books so quickly.

That said, a quick recap and links to the reviews!

First up, she read and reviewed The Becoming, which is book one in the series (as I’m sure that all you folks who visit my site already know). As I usually do, here’s a little snippet of the review:

The Becoming by author Jessica Meigs has, quite honestly, just about everything I like about a zombie novel. A good plot, decently solid characters attempting to survive…and a good amount of action, both zombie and otherwise.

Doubleshot has a really neat review system: instead of rating things with stars, she rates them with espresso shots. While I’m not a fan of espresso (or any coffee drinks, really), I still think that’s pretty awesome. I also think it’s awesome she rated The Becoming as a “Triple with a splash of milk” (which is apparently the equivalent of a 4.5-star review)! You can check out the entirety of the review right here!

As I said earlier in the post, Doubleshot didn’t review just The Becoming; she also reviewed The Becoming: Brothers in Arms, the novella that I released on my own that tells the backstory of the characters Theo and Gray Carter. And she had great things to say about it too!

The Becoming: Brothers in Arms is excellent bonus material for those who really enjoy getting detailed information on characters we meet in some of our favorite books. It can be read either before or after The Becoming, the first book in the series and contains no spoilers for the upcoming sequel The Becoming: Ground Zero.

And, even better, she gave Brothers in Arms a Quad rating! (Which is five-stars, for all you uneducated rubes out there. :P) You can read her whole review right here. I’ll warn you, part of the review made me laugh out loud, especially when I was clued in to which part of the book she was talking about; I’m curious if the rest of you will get the reference!

And lastly…

Drumroll, please…

Doubleshot Reviews got their hands on an advance copy of The Becoming: Ground Zero, which doesn’t even come out until late next month. This honestly made me nervous. Don’t ask me why, but out of the books I’ve released or had released so far, The Becoming: Ground Zero‘s impending release has me more nervous than a teenage boy on his first date with a real girl! (That analogy may have fallen flat. I apologize for any eyerolling that just had to happen with that.)

My fears over Ground Zero have, thankfully, been alleviated.

The Becoming: Ground Zero is a fantastic continuation of the series and, most definitely, worth your time in picking up after reading The Becoming. It contains the same awesome elements of book one but with more action, more emotion, more violence, which, of course, leads to more deaths/kills.

So it seems Doubleshot actually liked Ground Zero, which just tickles me to pieces. 😀 She didn’t include an espresso rating on this one (which I hope doesn’t mean she thinks it’s so bad it doesn’t rate lol), but that’s okay, because she has great things to say about the book itself! You can read the entirety of that review right here!

*Edit: So apparently, Ground Zero got a QUAD rating!

Now that that’s laid out, get your butts over to Doubleshot Reviews and start following her site for more awesome book reviews and recommendations!

Rhiannon Frater Reviews The Becoming on Goodreads! :)

I meant to post about this several days ago and got totally sidetracked by the shiny new computer I’m working on right now. 😀

Rhiannon Frater, author of The First Days, Fighting to Survive, and Siege (also known as the As The World Dies trilogy), plus her newest book The Last Bastion of the Living (which I’m about halfway through and LOVING so far), has posted a review of The Becoming, the first book in The Becoming series, on Goodreads! And she had some very great things to say about it:

What can I say? Jessica Meigs is an awesome writer! She really hits it out of the park with this debut novel. The writing is crisp, exciting, dynamic, and freakin’ scary! Her characters are well-defined, make sense, and interact with each other very realistically. Her zombie mythos has a slight new twist to it, which I found to be fun, and there were some seriously intense scenes that had me gripping my tablet with both hands. … Honestly, this book should be a must-read for anyone who loves zombies, post apocalyptic fiction, or likes kickass heroines.

Jessica Meigs is one of the best new authors I’ve read in the last year.

You can read her entire review of The Becoming (book one) on Goodreads right here, and you can follow Rhiannon on Goodreads by clicking here and hitting the Add as a Friend button (or the Become a Fan button). You can also find me on Goodreads right here. Feel free to request to become a friend of mine on there, and if you’ve read The Becoming, you can check out other reviews from other readers, rate the book, and even review it yourself! 🙂

(And, while you’re on Goodreads, add The Becoming: Ground Zero to your TBR list! It won’t be much longer till it releases, and you can check out what pre-readers are saying about it on the book’s page too! I think one of my favorite tweets regarding the book is from reviewer Shawn Camp: “Feels like The Breakfast Club mixed with a little death and zombies.”)

The Becoming is Now Only $5.99 for the Kindle and Nook!

Couple of announcements for today, and they’re good ones! 🙂

In case you missed it, there’s a giveaway going on right now on Goodreads for three autographed copies of my book The Becoming. I hope everyone who reads this enters; what have you got to lose? You might win a free book!

If you’re impatient and/or don’t want to hedge your bets on one of only three copies and/or prefer eBooks, here’s an announcement right up your alley: Permuted Press has reduced the price of The Becoming in eBook format to only $5.99! You can pick it up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords at the new price! (Other retailers coming soon.)

Hope you enjoy them! And if you do, please feel free to leave reviews on Amazon, B&N, and/or Goodreads! 🙂

The Becoming Giveaway on Goodreads!

I’ve started up a giveaway on Goodreads for three (3) paperback copies of The Becoming! Just by joining Goodreads (assuming you’re not a member already, that is) and clicking the enter button, you can enter the giveaway. The copies will be autographed if you desire. The giveaway ends on July 31st, so go hit that enter button now!

You can check out the giveaway and enter by clicking the Enter to Win button below!

You can also add the book to your Goodreads to-read list by clicking this button: 

and then clicking the Add to My Books button below the cover. 🙂

The Chevy Volt an Ideal Car for the Apocalypse? Yeah, right.

Has anyone else seen this?

It’s a zombie-based ad for the Chevy Volt, based on the whole idea that a Chevy Volt is the perfect vehicle for the zombie apocalypse.

Am I the only one who sees a problem with this?

The Chevy Volt is a hybrid vehicle. It runs off of a combination of gas and electricity. So my question is…when the power grids fail (and they will), what the hell are you going to charge the thing with? The Volt will be just as useless as any other vehicle that runs out of gas, because there would be no electricity.

Needless to say, this wouldn’t make me consider the Volt in the slightest (not that I am to begin with; all accounts say it’s a worthless pile of crap).


Introducing: The New Permuted Press Authors’ Blog!

So I thought you zombie fans would find this pretty awesome. A group of Permuted Press authors, myself included, decided to start a blog for us to post on, just for the fun of it. It promises to be a really fun trip, and considering how Permuted authors operate, there’s no telling what’s going to pop up on there.

You can check out the awesomeness that is Enjoying the Apocalypse: The Permuted Underground right here!

LIKE My New Author Page on Facebook!

Just dropping a quick note to let everyone know that I have a new author fan page on Facebook! You can “LIKE” the page by clicking here and hitting the LIKE button. On that page, you’ll see news about the progress of books I’m working on, both my zombie-related books and my non-zombie stuff, along with other random crap that catches my fancy. So be sure to like the page to help you keep up with all the goings on in the writing life of Jessica Meigs!

Brothers in Arms Reviewed on The Guilded Earlobe (Plus an Interview)!

Reviews, both good and bad, make me smile. Why? Because it means someone took the potentially limited time they have to read and chose my book to spend that time reading. Even better? Constructive criticism.

Another thing I like? Doing author interviews. 🙂

So in an effort to catch up with all the stuff that’s been going on that I haven’t had a chance to post about (especially considering this is supposed to be *ahem* Zombie Awareness Month), here’s both an interview and a review for you! 🙂

I was interviewed a bit ago by fellow zombie author and awesomesauce book reviewer (and beta reader) James R. Jackson for his blog. Here’s a snippet:

Developing characters is a really interesting task. A lot of their attitudes came naturally; I write a lot before I even get started, most of the time, so as a result, I have a ton of short stories and novellas that are stashed on my hard drive that explore the lives of the characters, both before and after the viral outbreak. One particular novella, for example, follows the character Remy Angellette, showing what she was like before the outbreak, how she handled it, and what happened to her family—and what happened to her that put her where the rest of the group found her in the first book. (I’m contemplating releasing some of these novellas as promotions for the second and third books too, if there’s enough interest from readers!)

You can read the entire interview right here. And for you authors out there who are in need of a little assistance on military-related matters, check out Jackson’s new project The Ward Room. I can personally attest to how great he is with his assistance.

And as for the review I mentioned, The Guilded Earlobe has done a rare review on a written book (as opposed to the audiobooks they normally review on) and has reviewed The Becoming: Brothers in Arms!

The Becoming: Brothers in Arms is a fast paced, tightly drawn Zombie outbreak novel that highlights the characters craftiness and ingenuity over any special skills or training. … Meigs does a good job putting these two relatively normal guys in situations where they must use their natural born intelligence to find a way out of a highly unusual situation.

You can check out the entirety of the review right here on The Guilded Earlobe.

Because I can make ANYTHING about zombies…

Since this is, in fact, semi-zombie related…

Just about everybody that’s seen the show The Walking Dead knows that one of the most distinctive vehicles in the show is the Hyundai Tucson picked up and driven by Shane in the majority of the second season:

Yeah, I kinda fell in love with that car pretty much the minute I saw it in the show.

Anyway, one of the big things about the zombie apocalypse is having a reliable vehicle to get you from point A to point B. Said vehicle should be easy to drive, should handle well, should have plenty of room for supplies, and should have really good gas mileage.

I’ve now got mine:

Have you got yours yet?