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THE BECOMING: GROUND ZERO Named One of The Best Zombie Fiction Releases of 2012 by BN’s Explorations Blog!


Yep, you read that right! My little novel The Becoming: Ground Zero has been named one of the Best Zombie Fiction Releases of 2012, right alongside amazing books like Dana Fredsti’s Plague Town, Rhiannon Frater’s The Last Bastion of the Living and Siege, Scott Kenemore’s Zombie, Illinois, and Survivors by Z.A. Recht and Thom Brannan!

You can check out the entire list of awesome books right here, and if you haven’t read any of the Becoming series yet, you can still grab The Becoming in ebook for only $2.99 until January 2nd from Amazon and Barnes & Noble!


Merry Christmas! THE BECOMING is on Sale for $2.99!

Merry Christmas to all my friends and followers!

In celebration of Christmas (among other assorted things), there’s quite a few sales going on that I thought I’d fill you all in on.

Where to start, where to start?

The Becoming is currently on sale in ebook format as part of Permuted Press’s The Mayans Were Wrong Sale! For a limited time, you can buy The Becoming on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for only $2.99 for your Kindle or Nook. You can check out the Amazon page for the book right here, and you can pick up the Nookbook on Barnes & Noble right here. This sale ends on January 2nd, so get it at the $2.99 price while you can!

You can also check out all the other thirteen Permuted Press books that are on sale by clicking right here!

In other, equally awesome news, the audiobook editions of The Becoming and The Becoming: Ground Zero are both on sale for Audible members for only $1.99 for a limited time! I’m not sure when this sale ends, so if you’ve been considering grabbing up the audiobooks for the series and you’re also an Audible member, you can scoop The Becoming‘s audiobook right here, and you can grab The Becoming: Ground Zero‘s audiobook here!

And if you’re still looking to buy autographed copies of The Becoming and The Becoming: Ground Zero, you can check out the page for that here.


Yes, you read that right! Thanks to Buy Zombie and Bookish Brunette for leading the charge on the cover reveal for The Becoming: Revelations!

Without further ado, here’s the cover and the preliminary back cover copy!


It’s been one month since the events in Atlanta that took the lives of half his friends, and Brandt Evans is floundering. Thrust into a leadership position he never wanted and coping with one of his friends hovering near death, Brandt fights to maintain a semblance of cohesion in those that remain while struggling to deal with his own grief.

But when Cade is kidnapped by a group of militant survivors, Brandt discards his carefully laid plans for survival to save the woman he loves. His path leads him back into Atlanta, where he discovers a tangled web of deceptions and betrayals. Surrounded by enemies alive and undead while facing the miraculous return of a friend he thought gone, Brandt discovers that not all is as it seems. Secrets buried long ago are forced to the surface–and revelations of a cover up could lead directly to a cure for the virus that started it all.

The Becoming: Revelations is expected to be released in May 2013.

The Becoming: Revelations Countdown Continues!

Just as the subject line says, the countdown is continuing. I hope everyone’s been checking out my Tumblr page to follow along with the countdown from the soundtrack perspective! We’re up to track 8 over there!

You can also check out my new Pinterest account. One of the boards I’ve started over there is focused on the Becoming series, and I’ll be posting random crap that makes me think of the novels, including my Fantasy Movie Dream Casting of the characters (three of which I’ve already posted) just for fun’s sake.

Coming soon: the first part of a new novella, plus the cover reveal for The Becoming: Revelations. Yes, the cover is done. I have it on my computer. The few who have seen it love it, which is a good thing, yes?

If you’ve got any burning questions about me, my writing, my books, the series, the characters, whatever that you’d like to have answered, send them over to me! You can email them, facebook them, comment here, whatever, and I’ll turn it into a post all on its own! 🙂

Buy Autographed Copies of The Becoming Series!

You can now purchase autographed copies of The Becoming and The Becoming: Ground Zero for $15.00 each (plus $4.00 s/h) directly from me via Paypal! I have two boxes of books sitting in my way and am anxious to get rid of them. They’d make the perfect holiday gifts for the zombie fan in your life, and all will come with personalized autographs!

You can check out more information on the books by hovering over the link at the top of this page labeled “The Becoming Series.” And you can purchase the books by clicking RIGHT HERE! (Please note, this will take you to a page; WordPress apparently doesn’t like the Paypal button, so I had to improvise.)

And keep your eye on that page, as I’ll be adding more merchandise, including bookmarks, postcards (perhaps posters?) and more for your purchasing pleasure soon! (Including limited edition, through-this-website-only paperback copies of The Becoming: Brothers in Arms!)

A Fun Way to Count Down to the Release of The Becoming: Revelations

Because I just can’t get enough of countdowns!

I have huge plans for this countdown too. Blog posts with sneak previews from The Becoming: Revelations, interesting facts, songs, pictures, whatever comes to mind! And to start with…

I know that throughout assorted interviews and blog posts I’ve referenced my supermassive playlist / soundtrack for this series several times. I figure it’s about time I share it with you guys.

Of course, I wanted to do this leading up to the release of The Becoming: Ground Zero, but I couldn’t figure out the best way to go about it. I didn’t want to post .mp3s for people to download, because that’s kind of illegal or whatever, so I was attempting to find an alternative. Tumblr was suggested, and now I’m giving it a try.

So starting tonight, actually, I’ll be posting a song a day from my HUGE playlist. It might be a stream of a song pulled from Soundcloud, or it might be a lyric video from YouTube. Whatever format I can find the song it to stream it, I’m going to use it.

So without further ado, you can check out the first two songs from The Becoming‘s playlist: “The Requiem” by Linkin Park and “The Radiance” by Linkin Park! My next track will be posted on my Tumblr tomorrow morning, and I’ll be sure to link to it here on my site. 🙂

Enjoy, and tell me what you think! 🙂

And additionally, if you have a specific question about the writing of the books or the storyline or a character and his/her past, whatever burning questions come to mind, be sure to email me (jessica dot meigs at gmail dot com) or message me on Twitter or Facebook or leave a comment or whatever. I’ll be answering all these questions in blog posts too, which should be loads of fun!

THE BECOMING on Sale for $2.99 This Weekend Only!

The Becoming, the first book in my zombie apocalypse series, is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 this weekend only! You can check it out here! It’s currently #23 on Amazon’s Bestseller list for the Horror genre! Grab your copy of the book if you haven’t already!

Need more information on the book itself? Click here to check out more information on the book!

Cover Reveal: THE BECOMING: GROUND ZERO Re-Issuing With New Cover!

Just like The Becoming is getting a new cover, so is The Becoming: Ground Zero!

This cover. What can I say about this cover? (I mean, really, I’m speechless lol.) I’d love to know your thoughts on it!

As always, The Becoming: Ground Zero is available from assorted retailers for $7.99, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and iTunes! You can also get the book in audiobook format on!


Cover Reveal: THE BECOMING Re-Issuing With New Cover!

Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you the brand new cover for The Becoming, book one in my zombie apocalypse series published by Permuted Press?

Can we say “awesome cover”? Stephanie Mooney of Mooney Designs created it, and I think it looks amazing!

Though the new cover isn’t quite showing up on the retailers yet (we’re working on that), you can still, of course, pick up The Becoming for only $4.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and iTunes! It’s also available as an audiobook on!

THE UNNATURALS Now Available on Smashwords!

The Unnaturals, book one in my new urban fantasy series, is now available for purchase from Smashwords in eBook format! These files are not only DRM-free, they’re great for overseas and non-North American buyers who would like to read the book but don’t have any other purchasing options.

Riley Walker is one of the world’s best covert operatives, employed by a top-secret sector of the U.S. government known only as the Agency. Highly skilled and lethal in a fight, Riley is fiercely independent and adamant that she work alone after the mysterious death of her partner in an assignment gone wrong.

All that changes when she’s thrust onto a new assignment investigating the deaths of twenty-seven Agency operatives. Forced to work with twelve-year Agency veteran Scott Hunter–a stickler for following orders and a loner by nature–Riley doesn’t get a chance to protest before she and her new partner are passed to a sector of the Agency that they never knew existed. As they investigate the murders, Riley and Scott learn that there’s more to the Agency than they ever suspected.

They discover the existence of monsters right out of their wildest dreams.

You can pick up the book on Smashwords RIGHT HERE for only $4.99!