Current Projects, September 2013

I’m starting a new monthly feature on my blog updating everyone on everything I’m working on, if only to show you why I’m hardly online lately. Things that are contracted will be noted; otherwise, assume that it hasn’t been sold or a publication date hasn’t been set yet.

Note that books that have been published or sold are no longer on the list.

The Becoming: Origins
The Becoming Series, Book 3.5. Zombie fiction / post-apocalyptic thriller. The backstory for the character Brandt Evans. I’m on track to finish the first draft by the middle of October. Status: First draft in progress.

The Becoming: Under Siege
The Becoming Series, Book 4. Zombie fiction / post-apocalyptic thriller. The survivors from The Becoming: Revelations attempt to create a new life for themselves, but things don’t work out the way they should. I’m about halfway done with the first draft, and I’m on track to finish this one by the end of the year. Status: in progress.

The Becoming: Descent
The Becoming Series, Book 5. Zombie fiction / post-apocalyptic thriller. The direct continuation of The Becoming: Under Siege. I’m not saying what this one is about (yet) because I don’t want to spoil anything. Status: outlined / plotting.

The Becoming: Redemption
The Becoming Series, Book 6. Zombie fiction / post-apocalyptic thriller. This one picks up where The Becoming: Descent will leave off. Once again, I won’t say anything about it due to spoilers. Status: outlining.

The Unnaturals
The Unnaturals, Book 1. Urban fantasy / spy thriller. The first book in the series. Two special agents are transferred to a sector of the US government that investigates supernatural activity. It’s currently with my agent, who’s reviewing changes to the manuscript, and I should be getting it back any moment now to start another round of revisions. Status: In revision.

The Unnaturals, Book 0.5. Urban fantasy. Prequel to The Unnaturals. This is the book that tells Zachariah and Ashton’s stories of how they met and how The Unnaturals was formed. I think if all goes according to plan, I’ll have a draft finished by January. Status: First draft in progress.

The Unnaturals, Book 2. Urban fantasy. Sequel to The Unnaturals. An immediate continuation from the events of the first book. Outlining, planning, and drafting is in progress, and I’m hoping that I’ll have things wrapped up on a first draft by late February or March 2014. Status: Outlining / planning.

The Deadening
Standalone novel. Horror / historical western / zombie fiction. In an 1868 silver mining town, the sheriff and a schoolteacher team up to protect the town’s citizens from a mysterious zombie outbreak. Status: Partial draft completed, on hold while I work on more immediate projects.

Small Town Dead
Standalone novel. Horror / zombie fiction / post-apocalyptic. Side novel in The Becoming Series. A college student travels from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to her hometown in the midst of a zombie outbreak in a desperate attempt to reunite with her family. Status: Outlining / planning stages.

There are a ton of other books on my list of future projects, but they won’t make an appearance on my list until I actually start on some point of the process on them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! PERMUTED PRESS IS HAVING A SALE!


And for this weekend only, you can get The Becoming, The Becoming: Ground Zero, and The Becoming: Revelations for only $0.99 each! Yes, you read that right. $0.99 each!

Click the book covers below to access the sale page for each book.


BIA2 (1)



Be sure to share the links, share the love, and pass the word on to everyone you know!

For a complete listing of all the books that Permuted Press has on sale this weekend, click here!

Contest Time! Enter to Win Autographed Paperbacks of the Becoming Series!

Yes, ladies and gents, you read that right! I’m giving away a set of autographed paperbacks to the winner of this contest.

Prize: Grand prize winner will receive autographed paperbacks of The Becoming, The Becoming: Ground Zero, and The Becoming: Revelations.

Entering to win is very, very easy. All you have to do is click that little link to the right of this post that says, “Sign up for my mailing list!” Or you can make it easy on yourself and click right here. Fill out the required fields (all that’s required is your email address). That will enter you into the contest. If you already subscribe to my mailing list, you’re automatically entered.

Contest ends on June 30th at midnight CST. I will announce the winner on July 1st via my website, Facebook, and Twitter, plus email the winner via the email address provided when they signed up for the mailing list. If, for some reason, the winner does not respond within 48 hours of notification, I’ll be forced to choose a different winner.

So get to signing up! And once you do, spread the word, share the link to this page, and encourage your friends to enter to win too! 🙂

The Guilded Earlobe Hosts Authors Roundtable with Permuted Press!

The Guilded Earlobe was busy, busy, busy yesterday. Not only did he post a wonderful review of The Becoming: Revelations, he also hosted a roundtable with Permuted Press authors William Todd Rose, Derek J. Goodman, and myself!

In the roundtable, we mostly talk about characters, characters, characters (which tends to be my favorite topic). You can read the entire roundtable discussion (don’t worry, it’s not too long) right here!

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The Guilded Earlobe Reviews THE BECOMING: REVELATIONS

The Guilded Earlobe has posted a review of The Becoming: Revelations, and he has some very nice things to say about the book!

The Becoming: Revelations is a strong finale to the trilogy, giving us a completed story yet setting us up for future explorations of the Michaluk plagued world. Meigs creates compelling characters and thrust them into a devastating world, allowing them to show their cracks. With each new edition, the world of The Becoming becomes more and more intriguing.

You can check out the full review right here!

Be sure to pick up your copy of The Becoming: Revelations on Amazon, on Barnes & Noble, on Kobo, and more! Links to all the books, including audiobooks, are available on my handy little page with links to everything I have available.

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P.S. The Becoming: Brothers in Arms is still running for free on Amazon, so grab it at the low, low price of absolutely nothing while you still can!

FREE BOOKS! (And a Contest! No, seriously. Really.)

So there was this snafu with Amazon.

No big surprise, right? Amazon’s sometimes nothing BUT a big snafu.

And as a result, you can grab this book for free, like, right now!

Anyway, Permuted Press used to handle distribution of my little novella The Becoming: Brothers in Arms for me, mainly because I was too lazy to do anything with it at the time. But now that I have the distribution stuff back on my end, I put it back up for sale for $0.99 the other day…

and it appears that it was still listed for free somewhere on the wilds of the internet, and Amazon price matched it.

Here’s the thing: I have no idea how long “FREE” will last.

So…here’s where you guys come in.

I want you – yes, you – to go on Amazon and hit download on the ebook. Even if you already have it. Pick it up. It’s free. It won’t cost you a single cent.

Then? I want you to send the link on to some of your friends. Get them to send the link on to some of THEIR friends. Post it to Facebook. Post it to Twitter. Post it to your D&D message boards (do people still even use message boards anymore?). Share it with your grandma, your grandpa, your dad, your mom, your aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, your best friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend, your pets.

Here’s the dealio: if it hits the top 20 on Amazon’s free page (overall free, not for a particular category)? I’m going to run a contest. A really, really awesome contest.

It involves paperbacks. Autographed. In bloodpen.

But only if we can get it on Amazon’s top 20 free Kindle books list.

Ready? Here’s the link.

Now go hit download so I can give away some free paperbacks.

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THE BECOMING: REVELATIONS Now Available for Purchase!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

I’ve waited a little bit for things to populate to assorted websites before making the official official announcement, but here it is!

The Becoming: Revelations is now available for purchase in ebook format!


Brandt Evans is floundering. Leadership of their dysfunctional group wasn’t something he asked for or wanted. Their problems are numerous: Remy Angellette is grief-stricken and suicidal, Gray Carter is distant and reclusive, and Cade Alton is near death. And things only get worse.

While Brandt and Gray are on the hunt for supplies, a still-recovering Cade is kidnapped by a militant group of survivors. On Brandt’s return, he’s told of a conspiracy involving test subjects, pathogens, and CDC doctors.

Brandt’s race to save Cade takes him back to the dangerous streets of Atlanta, where not all is as it seems. And with a horde of infected closing in and the rescue mission in jeopardy, he comes tantalizingly close to a cure that might save what’s left of humanity from the ravages of the Michaluk Virus.

The Becoming: Revelations is the third book in the Becoming series.

If you own an Amazon Kindle or prefer reading on the Amazon app on an assortment of smartphones and tablets, you can click here to purchase the ebook for $7.99!

If you own a Barnes & Noble device or prefer using a Barnes & Noble app, you can purchase the ebook for only $7.99 right here!

If you prefer to buy your ebooks DRM free or are in a country where you cannot buy books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you can pick up a copy of The Becoming: Revelations from Smashwords right here!

If you’re a stickler for Kobo (the apparent ereader of choice for BlackBerry users, apparently), you can pick up the ebook at Kobo’s website right here!

If you’re an Apple devotee and want the book from the iBooks store, that’s available right here!

I think that just about covers all of the currently popular ereading devices; if you find where the book’s for sale at another place that I didn’t mention, feel free to drop a comment letting me know!

The paperback edition of The Becoming: Revelations should be available soon.

And for those of you who prefer audiobooks, there’s currently a preorder page going on on right here for The Becoming: Revelations, which will cost $17.46 or 1 Credit. I’m honestly not sure how the preorder process works on Audible; I’ve never used it, but Audible’s a very reliable site and I can’t recommend it enough.

Even better, if you haven’t gotten into the audiobook game and are interested, you can get a trial membership at Audible and choose a download for any audiobook for free; better yet, if you decide you don’t want to stay subscribed, you can cancel before you’re charged, and you get to keep the audiobook. So why not give audiobooks a try and pick up books one or two of the audiobooks? The narrator, Christian Rummel, does a fantastic job of narrating the audiobooks. He even had me enraptured, and I wrote the bloody books!

If you haven’t read any of the books at all, you can grab The Becoming, book one of the series, on Amazon, on Barnes & Noble, on the iBookstore, on Kobobooks, and on Smashwords for only $4.99!

You can also grab the second book in the series, The Becoming: Ground Zero on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KoboBooks, and the iBookstore for $7.99!

If you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on an author you’ve never read before without sampling a little something, you can grab my zombie novella The Becoming: Brothers in Arms, featuring the story of two characters from The Becoming, for only $0.99! It’s available in ebook format only on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble!

If you already own all of the above, please spread the love and the word to all your friends; the best way to support an author you enjoy is to help them sell more books! The more books I sell, the more I can afford to take the time to write more for you to enjoy!

And if you’ve read them all, then please help support an author and leave an honest review on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, or whatever your choice of reviewing platform is!

Thanks to everyone for your support, and I look forward to hearing what you think of The Becoming: Revelations (and any of the other books in the series)!