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A Quick Update on The Becoming

I’m fully aware I didn’t make a post with the next section of The Becoming this past Sunday. There’s a reason for that, and I’ve been meaning to pop over and let you guys know what’s going on.

So here it is in a nutshell:

I’ve been revising The Becoming for the past several weeks. The version that I was posting here was the second draft that was written on my BlackBerry. As you can see, I’ve privated the old version, because I’m going to start reposting the story from the beginning with the revised, much much better version.

So I hope you enjoy it! And I hope everyone who reads it will be kind enough to leave feedback and comments to the posts.

All my contact info can be found on the “About Jessica” page linked above. 🙂


(Absolutely True) Horror Story of the Day

I am a big fan of fruit. I love fruit. All kinds of fruit.

While munching on the most delicious blueberries I’ve eaten in a while, the last thing I need to see is an insect leg stuck to one of them.

Dear nature: I’m well aware that bugs exist in you. I’m even aware that bugs crawl on the fruit when it’s growing. I, however, do NOT need to see the evidence of said bugginess when eating my formerly delicious, now gag-inducing blueberries.

Thanks a lot. No, really. Thank you.

Thus concludes your non-zombie related horror story of the day.

The Becoming has a new address!

So The Becoming has a new home! I’m so happy I could spit. After much wrangling and fighting with redirects and all that fun stuff, I got the thing working, so I can announce that the story will be available at:

Anything and everything to do with the book (such as new chapters, news, and more) will be available there!

I’m Now On Protagonize!

Want to follow my writing somewhere other than WordPress? You can now find me on Protagonize! Just click here to view my profile:

You can leave comments, reviews, add me as a favorite author, and more. 🙂

Subscribe in Your Favorite Feed Reader!

So I know a lot of people out there are like me and tend to visit sites and then completely forget about them. And you don’t always have somebody on Twitter reminding you to check it out. So I created a feed to make it easier for you, my dear, darling readers, to follow along with The Becoming and any other stories I decide to publish on here.

You can subscribe to The Becoming in any RSS feed reader by clicking here:

And any help you can lend by clicking on ads at the bottom of the feeds would be wonderful lol. Starving artist is definitely not a cliche on this end of the computer. 😛

And so it begins…

So I’ve finally begun the rewriting and posting of my (semi-infamous) zombie novel! It’ll all take place here once a week, primarily on Mondays (though possibly more than once a week). Below the jump you’ll find the beginnings of the novel, just a short borderline teaser piece to get you hooked in (I hope!). Criticisms and critique are more than welcome! Your input is what will guide my second revision process and maybe even help lead to eventual publication.

A little background: This novel was begun at some point last year (I’m honestly somewhat fuzzy on exactly when I started it). I wrote it on my BlackBerry, of all places, just to see if it was possible to write an entire novel on a handheld like some people (notably Peter V. Brett and Styles P, though I started mine well before I knew about Styles P’s attempts). The trip has been rather amusing and entertaining, frustrating at times, but definitely an exercise in patience and creativity. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and I’d recommend anybody willing to make the attempt give it a shot. You’d be surprised what you can come up with! If you have any questions about the process itself, feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll be more than happy to answer anything you throw at me. 🙂

So that’s enough blathering from me. On with the story! (P.S. I hope @crackberrykevin appreciates the role he plays in this story lol.)

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Thoughts on My Zombie Novel

So it’s become reasonably well-known among my circle of online friends and acquaintances, both on Twitter, LiveJournal, and, that I’m currently writing a zombie novel, with the hopes of getting it pubilshed sometime after I’m done. Currently I stand at approximately ninety type-written pages, with probably a decent bit more to go. The pretty much barebones rough draft is done (that’s the ninety pages). The book itself is coming along awesomely, but I had a bit of a thought as I was working on the latest section of it, and I wanted to run it by everyone and see what your thoughts are on it.

What I’m considering: As I revise the novel, which will be titled The Becoming, I am wondering how you guys would feel about it becoming a bit of a serial online: would you be interested in following along and reading it if I posted it in approximately 1,500-word segments on a weekly basis? I would be updating it every Sunday, and once the novel is completely done, I would be doing one last major revision, then possibly offering it up as a pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth self-published eBook (and maybe later, if interest is decent enough, an actual print book). But I’m going to do this if and only if I have enough people interested in reading and following along and giving feedback on this project.

So I leave it to you. If this is something you find interesting enough to want to participate in and read, would you be willing to support me and follow along as I do it? You can let me know here or on Twitter, where my username is @a_silent_song. I very much look forward to everyone’s feedback on this idea! If the feedback is good enough, I’ll even begin this starting next Sunday!