I’m Going to Texas Frightmare!

For the third year in a row, I will be attending the Texas Frightmare Weekend convention at the Hyatt Regency DFW in Dallas, Texas, on May 1st through May 3rd. This appears to be becoming a tradition for me.

I’ll have paperback copies of The Becoming, The Becoming: Ground Zero, The Becoming: Revelations, The Becoming: Under Siege, plus the first book in The Agency Series, Nightfall, for sale and autograph at my table. I’ll also be hosting a giveaway via random drawing for a $100 iTunes gift card (delivered electronically via email on May 5th)–but to enter, you’ll have to visit my booth at Frightmare. I’ll also have loads of bookmarks and some postcards at the table too, so feel free to drop by and say hello!

That said, do you have a convention near you that you think I’d be a good fit to attend? I’d love to know about it! Just shoot me an email (jessica.meigs at gmail.com), Tweet me @JessicaMeigs, send me a message on Facebook, or comment here and let me know about it! I can’t promise attendance this year, but at least I can put it on my schedule to look into for next year!


I feel horrible about not having updated here on my blog since September (geez, that’s embarrassing), but in my defense, I’ve had a heck of a lot going on! And some of it is great news that I can share with you guys!

First up! I have officially signed a contract with Permuted Press for The Becoming: Under Siege, The Becoming: Descent, and The Becoming: Redemption! I’m not 100% sure when these books will be released, but Under Siege is pretty much done (pending tweaks suggested by my beta reader), and it will be going to the publisher by February 1st! So there’s a possibility you’ll get a brand new book in the series later this year!

Related to the series, I’m currently putting together The Becoming: Origins. Rather than just releasing a single novella like I was going to do at the end of last year, I decided to hold off on it a bit and release a collection that will have at least two novellas / long stories and a short story or two in it, all bound together so you get your money’s worth. 🙂

My agent officially has The Unnaturals on the market, so if any publishers happen to be reading this and are interested in a covert-ops urban fantasy series, do hit me up via email and I’ll direct you accordingly.

In real world things: I have a book signing and lunch talk at the Demopolis Public Library in Demopolis, AL on Friday, January 24th! If you’re in the general vicinity, feel free to drop in at noon for the Lunch and Learn at the Library program, and if you can’t make it to that, I’ll be doing a book signing in the same location from 4-5pm that same evening. 🙂 You can find more details on it here.

I’ll have a more thorough update later, but I thought I’d drop all the fun, exciting news in a separate post. 🙂