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BOOK PROMO: Bloodlines is Coming, So Catch Up With The Becoming!

I’m getting so very, very close to completing Bloodlines, which is the long-awaited sixth book in The Becoming Series, and with its (not-yet-announced) release date approaching, I figure it’s about time to remind everyone of the existence of the rest of the series–mainly because you’re going to want to read (or even re-read) The Becoming and its sequels before diving into Bloodlines!

One of Barnes & Noble’s Best Zombie Fiction Releases of the Last Decade! *

A Revised and Expanded Edition!

The Michaluk Virus is loose.

In the heart of Atlanta, a virus has escaped the CDC and transformed most of the population of the southeastern US into homicidal cannibals. As society rapidly crumbles under the hordes of infected, three people–Ethan, a Memphis police officer; Cade, a former IDF sharpshooter; and Brandt, a lieutenant in the US Marines–band together against the oncoming crush of death and terror.

As they hole up in a safe house in Mississippi, others join them in their bid for survival. When an attack of the infected forces them to flee, they encounter more danger than they bargained for. And one man’s desperate search for answers in Memphis uncovers information that heralds a horrific possibility that there may be more to the virus than first suspected!

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