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I Think I Read Way Too Much. What About You?

That’s probably a really weird statement for some of you guys. I mean, you’re probably here because you are a reader and you found me through reading my books, right? And it’s probably no real surprise that I’m a reader—I’ve always been a reader, as long as I can remember, since I taught myself at the age of four to read The Bubble Gum Christmas by Lucille E. Sette (yes, that was legitimately the very first book I ever recall reading). And I think my reading tastes are pretty wildly diverse, which might or might not surprise people who are unaware of that.

I’ve been tracking my reading since 2010, and by tracking, I mean keeping a list of every single book I’ve read since January 1, 2010. Literally, every single book. As of today, there’s a total of 1,728 books on that list. For two years on the list (2013 and 2018), I read nearly 200 books; my lowest reading year was 2010, with 79 books, mainly because that was the year I discovered ebooks and started really reading again.

And on this absolutely massive list that’s 84 pages and counting in Microsoft Word, I think there’s a book from just about every single genre you can think of. I read a pretty diverse number of genres, such as nonfiction philosophy, YA fantasy, classics, general interest nonfiction (which is pretty much just a lump category for anything not having to do with history or the other major nonfiction categories), historical nonfiction (mostly about WWII, but I’ve been reading more American history books lately), zombie apocalypse literature, YA dystopian, true crime, politics, science fiction and fantasy, urban fantasy, romance and a whole bunch of its subgenres, horror, and probably a metric ton of other genres that I can’t even think of off the top of my head. This makes it really easy to find books to read—if I’m not feeling a particular type of book at the moment, I can always switch genres to find something else—but the downside of this is that my book wish list on Amazon is absolutely atrocious. (So is the number of books that I’ve already bought that I need to be read.)

I’ve always wanted an opportunity to chat about specific books I’ve read online, and I had the thought that maybe I could start posting some book reviews / recommendations here on my blog, because why not? But even though I write urban fantasy and science fiction/zombie apocalypse lit, I don’t want to post about just those two genres, especially since my reading habits are so wide ranging. I really don’t want to be restricted to specifically posting about those genres, either. But I’m also torn, because I don’t want to be posting about all sorts of books that you guys have no interest in.

So here’s where I ask: what sort of genres of books do you like to read? Tell me in the comments! I’m trying to get an idea of what sort of tastes my readers have! 🙂

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