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Introducing…Writing Wednesdays!

One of my favorite things to do as a writer is to read about how other writers write. I don’t know why, but it’s a topic I’ve always found fascinating. How do they plot? How do they write? What software do they use? What methods do they use to create and flesh out their characters? How do they handle plot problems, and how does all of their methods compare to how I do my own writing? There’s so many different, fascinating facets to writing a novel (or a series of novels) that you could write a book about it. Heck, hundreds upon hundreds of authors have. (One of my personal favorites for breaking down plot structure is right here.)
So when I was trying to come up with what to write about on my new “Writing Wednesdays” feature that I want to post every week, searching for the topic ideas that will give me multiple weeks of posting, I ended up settling on the topic that I myself have always found fascinating: writing. I know, I know, that’s such a cop-out. Of course I’m going to write about writing; I am, after all, a writer. But even so, I thought I’d use it as at least a jumping-off point for what I do when I write my own books, how I keep track of all the moving bits in my series, and how I develop out new ideas and new characters. Who knows? Maybe it’ll give you guys a hint of what’s coming down the pipeline in the long term!
This post, beyond just being an announcement of the new series, is mainly going to serve as a clearinghouse of links for all the Writer Wednesday posts I write. I’m going to link them below as they become available, categorized by the stage of writing and/or publishing they fall under, just for quick reference for authors who are looking for a guide (or just want to see all the posts in the same place). They probably won’t be posted in any particular order, and if a particular post sparks a tangent, I may go off track to do a semi-related post about an adjacent topic, or I might take a minute to do a post writing about a particular craft book and how I found it useful and what it taught me (basically a book review in miniature), or I might even do a post about how I completely failed at a particular writing-related task (because failure is a part of not only the business of writing but of life in general). So if you’re a writer–or just interested in all the moving parts of being a writer that your favorite writers likely also have to deal with–be sure to frequently check back here on my blog for new Writing Wednesday posts!

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