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So what has been going on in my writer world lately?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve sat down and hammered out one of these posts. In my defense (if there really is a defense for not posting an update post that I promised monthly on an actual monthly basis), my editing business has been super crazy–we’ve officially entered what I guess you could call the “busy season” in the publishing industry–and between that and my revisions for Under Siege, to say I’ve been swamped is probably an understatement. But now that things are starting to smooth back out and I feel like I can come up for air, I figure it’s time to drop in and give you guys an update on what I’m working on and what’s coming down the pipeline sooner rather than later.

First up…

The Becoming Series news.

As you may have spotted in my other post from earlier today, I’ve finally wrapped up revisions on Under Siege, which is the fourth book in the series, and I’ve even wrapped up most of the formatting for the book in Vellum. All that’s left is to do quick revisions on the opening scenes of book five so I can give you guys a little sneak peek into the next book in the series, and then it’s off to be uploaded to the retailers while I get started in earnest on book five’s revisions.

Speaking of book five, in case you missed it, I’ve finally done a cover reveal for its brand new cover! You can see it and my thoughts on it over on this post right here.

In other awesome news regarding The Becoming Series, I’m happy to announce that there will be a sixth book in the series! I know I’ve mentioned before that I was working on one, but it never came to fruition, mainly because I just simply lost my enthusiasm for the series when the sales kept going down and down (and there was no marketing going on to help it). Lack of funds for things like cover production and all the other fiddly sundries involved in producing and publishing a book discouraged me too. Now that the books are actually making me money, I can turn that money around and reinvest in the series and afford to actually write the next book(s) in the series. So there will be, for sure, at least one more book in the series, possibly more. (Let’s face it, considering my reinvigorated enthusiasm for the series? Probably more.) So book six of the series will be called Bloodlines, and let me tell you, with the stuff I have planned for this book? It’s going to be a very wild ride. And it will, if all goes according to plan, be out by the end of the year! I’m aiming for a December 2021 release, seeing as how I have a bunch of scenes already written (though they all need an overhaul to fit into the framework of the new story I’m constructing).

And now for…

The Unnaturals Series news.

Yeah, I know, this series has just sort of been sitting there. Reapers (The Unnaturals Series #4) was supposed to be out about a year ago, then it got pushed to December 2020, then it got pushed to…well, there wasn’t a date set. I have no excuse for this, except to say I got sidetracked when The Becoming Series dropped back into my lap and I was rushing to get everything for it ready and scheduled and done. Now that things are settling down and I’m on track to be complete with books 1-5 of The Becoming Series by the end of June, I’m going to be working full steam ahead on Reapers next. Considering I was already somewhere around the ballpark of two-thirds done with it before I had to set it aside to focus on The Becoming Series’ revisions, the drafting of the last third of it should hopefully go relatively quickly, and I’m aiming to have it out sometime around September-ish. Hopefully sooner, but as I wrap things up on it, I will get a more firm, clear date on it to you guys as soon as I possibly can. Then it’s onward with Marked in Darkness, the fifth book in the series!

Speaking of The Unnaturals Series, in case you missed it, there are audiobooks now available for books 1-3 from Tantor Media! You can check them out on Audible by clicking right here to visit the series page. Please be sure to pick up your copies of the books and help spread the word about their availability–I’d like for Tantor to continue on producing the rest of the series, but they’re obviously not going to do that if the sales aren’t there, and honestly, it’s not worth the time or the effort (or the large amount of cash) to produce them on my own, which is a very expensive proposition in order to keep certain rights I would need to keep in order to not get screwed by the distributors.

Which of my upcoming books are you looking forward to the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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