The Becoming Series

The Becoming: Ground Zero is Now Available (Again) Today!

Yes, you read that correctly! The revised and expanded edition of Ground Zero, the second book in The Becoming Series, is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and other major ebook retailers today!

One year after the Michaluk Virus decimated the southeast, Ethan Bennett and his six companions have become as close as family while facing the trials of living in a drastically changed world. Then a mysterious woman arrives at their safe house in Alabama, pleading for assistance in Atlanta. Despite their suspicions that the woman is hiding important information, Ethan and his friends agree to help. But when they’re suddenly forced to flee from the infected, the cohesion the group had cultivated is shattered.

As members of the group succumb to the escalating dangers in their path, new alliances form, new loves develop, and old friendships crumble. In the face of unending horror, one man is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends, while another reveals secrets that could hold the key to humanity’s survival.

You can pick up your copy of the new edition of Ground Zero by clicking here and choosing your preferred ebook retailer! And be sure to preorder your copy of Revelations, which is coming on March 23, 2021! (And if you click that link, you’ll be one of the first to see the brand spankin’ new cover for book three, which was created, like the other covers so far, by Christian Bentulan of Covers by Christian!)

And if, for some reason, you haven’t checked out the revised and expanded edition of book one in the series, The Becoming, you can still pick it up for the low, low price of FREE from all the major e-book retailers! Just click here to check it out and pick up your copy today!

I know things have been pretty quiet around here lately. I’ve been working hard to get the rerelease of The Becoming Series squared away, and between revisions, proofreading, formatting, getting the covers done, setting up preorder pages, and making sure I’m uploading by the deadline, all while working on my editing business for clients, I’ve had my hands pretty full, needless to say! I’m hopeful that, by the time I’m done with book five’s revision, I can take a short breather, finish up Reapers (The Unnaturals #4, for those keeping track at home–and wondering where that book is), and then hopefully get started on the overhaul/rewrites/completion of The Becoming: Bloodlines for release by the end of the year, Lord willing!

So keep your eyes on this space for updates regarding future book releases, and make sure you check out the Ground Zero re-release and spread the word! Every sale and every review helps!

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