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September Book Updates: What’s Been Going on With Me?

Hello, all my lovely readers! It’s time for my monthly book update, which I’m hoping to start doing on a regular basis so you have some idea of what I’m working on (and, therefore, some idea of what is coming down the pipeline in the long-term).

The Unnaturals Series

There aren’t a ton of updates on this front, though what there is is actually pretty major. I’ve been working steadily on book four in the series, Reapers, which–barring any craziness that happens between now and then–should be releasing in December 2020. The writing seems to be going very well; I’m thoroughly into the second half of the book now, and other than a few tweaks I’ve got to make to the first half (which I’m pretty much doing as I go), it’s on task to be completed on time.

In addition to the work on Reapers, I’m happy to announce/remind you that Hellforged, the second book in the series, is now available from most major retailers. Prior to the end of last month, it had only been available pretty much from Amazon, but I’ve been working on getting everything released “wide,” as the parlance goes, in order to reach a larger audience and maybe get some more of you wonderful readers checking out my books! Wicked Creatures will be releasing soon on wide retailers, too, on October 13, 2020!

And alongside all that good news, I’ve got one more big bit of news related to this book series: there’s not going to be five books in the series! All along, I’d planned for five books in the series, but as I’ve been writing them, there’s so much that I’ve wanted to include–and all the events I wanted to have happen would feel tremendously rushed and underserved if I’d kept them to the remaining two books–that I felt like the series would be better served if I just made it a little longer. So, as a result, after an entire weekend spent planning and prodding at the overarching series storyline and the smaller, book-level storylines, I’ve concluded that, as of this time, there are going to be nine books in this series! This is primarily why there was such a delay releasing Reapers, which was originally supposed to come out back in May; the book was too rushed because I was trying to cram too much into it, so I sat down and spent the summer reworking not just the book but the overall series as a whole, too. I think it will definitely be better for it!

Coming soon: the title reveal for book five!

The Becoming Series

I’ve been teasing a new novel in the series for years now. I’m fully aware that it’s been put off…and put off…and put off. And at the moment, while I can’t get into anything resembling details at the moment, I’ll have some news regarding this series coming soon, Lord willing. Once I know something about that, I’ll be making a separate post with the news. And hopefully, that news will include updates on the pending release of The Becoming: Bloodlines!

Which book of mine are you looking forward to reading the most?

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