Ladies and gentlemen! (Drumroll, please…)

I present to you the cover of my next release, The Unnaturals, the first book in The Unnaturals Series!


This lovely, amazing cover was designed by the ever-awesome Tony Mauro of Tony Mauro Illustrations!

So what’s this book about?

Riley Walker is one of the world’s best covert operatives, employed by a top-secret sector of the U.S. government known only as The Agency. Highly skilled and lethal in a fight, Riley is fiercely independent and adamant that she work alone after the mysterious death of her partner in an assignment gone wrong.

All that changes when she’s thrust into a new assignment investigating the deaths of twenty-seven Agency operatives. Forced to work with twelve-year Agency veteran Scott Hunter, Riley doesn’t get a chance to protest before she and her new partner are passed to a sector of The Agency they never knew existed: The Unnaturals. There, they meet Ashton Miller and Zachariah Lawrence—one the Director of The Unnaturals, the other the group’s top field agent—and learn of the existence of creatures out of their wildest dreams: Vampires. Demons. Werewolves. And more. And it’s up to them to prevent these creatures from harming humanity and taking over the world.

But everything goes horribly wrong when vampires attack Riley and Scott and capture Zachariah. As the two newest Unnaturals agents race the clock to track down the one weapon capable of killing the powerful vampires, they uncover a web of lies from the unlikeliest of sources in The Agency, one they never saw coming and aren’t sure they can survive.

And it gets even better! You can now preorder the ebook for The Unnaturals for only $4.99 in advance of its release on October 18, 2016! So CLICK HERE to preorder your copy today!


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