BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! The Unnaturals Series to Be Published by Permuted Press!

Ladies and gents, I am very, very, VERY excited to announce that I have signed a contract with Permuted Press for them to publish The Unnaturals Series!

What’s The Unnaturals Series, you ask? For those of you who have been loitering around for a while and remember the long-ago days of 2012, it’s my urban fantasy/covert-ops/horror series! I originally self-published a version of the first book, titled The Unnaturals, back in I think September 2012, and I sold 300-some copies before I removed it from sale in late November 2012 to do some rewrites and start the submission process to publishers. Shortly afterward, I got an agent, who loved the book and helped make it even better, and after some work, we got it placed at Permuted Press, who really truly did make the best offer out of the ones we did get.

So what’s the series about? Well, here’s the synopsis my agent and I worked up:

Riley Walker is one of the world’s best covert operatives, employed by a top-secret sector of the U.S. government known only as the Agency. Highly skilled and lethal in a fight, Riley is fiercely independent and adamant that she work alone after the mysterious death of her partner in an assignment gone wrong.

All that changes when she’s thrust onto a new assignment investigating the deaths of twenty-seven Agency operatives. Forced to work with twelve-year Agency veteran Scott Hunter—a stickler for following orders and a loner by nature—Riley doesn’t get a chance to protest before she and her new partner are passed to a sector of the Agency that they never knew existed: The Unnaturals. There, they meet Ashton Miller and Zachariah Lawrence—one the Director of The Unnaturals, the other the group’s top field agent—and learn of the existence of creatures out of their wildest dreams: Vampires. Demons. Werewolves. And even more. And it’s up to them to prevent these creatures from harming humanity and taking over the world.

But then everything goes horribly wrong when Riley and Scott are attacked by vampires and Zachariah is taken. As Riley and Scott race the clock to track down the one weapon that is capable of killing the powerful vampires, they uncover a web of lies from the unlikeliest of sources in the Agency, one that they never saw coming and aren’t sure they can survive.

And that’s just book one.

There will be six full-length novels in the series at this point, with assorted short stories and novellas inserted all up in between them. Right now, the book listing is as follows:

Book One: The Unnaturals
Book Two: Hellforged
Book Three: With Teeth
Book Four: Crucifixion
Book Five: Reaper
Book Six: Equinox Rising

I am really freakin’ excited to get this series out there and in the hands of readers. It’s been stewing in my brain in some way, shape, or form since early 2012, and I think it’s ready to get out!

So who’s looking forward to the new series?

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