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Current Projects, March 2014

I’m picking up where I left off on my Current Projects list, updating it from my last post back in September 2013. This should give readers some idea of what’s in the pipeline and what will (hopefully) be released someday.

Things that are contracted by a publisher will be noted; otherwise, assume that it hasn’t been sold yet or a publication date hasn’t been set yet.

Note that books that have been published are no longer on the list.


The Becoming: Under Siege
The Becoming Series, Book 4. Zombie fiction / post-apocalyptic thriller. The survivors from The Becoming: Revelations attempt to create a new life for themselves, but things don’t work out the way they should. Status: Pending publication with Permuted Press, April 2014.

The Becoming: Descent
The Becoming Series, Book 5. Zombie fiction / post-apocalyptic thriller. The direct continuation of The Becoming: Under Siege. With the loss of their new lives, Cade and her companions are forced to try to pick up the pieces and go in search of a member of the group that has gone missing. Status: Contracted with Permuted Press, Draft in progress.

The Becoming: Redemption
The Becoming Series, Book 6. Zombie fiction / post-apocalyptic thriller. This one picks up where The Becoming: Descent will leave off. Cade et al have the opportunity to save the world. Status: Contracted with Permuted Press, Outlining.

The Unnaturals
The Unnaturals Series, Book 1. Urban fantasy / spy thriller. The first book in the series. Two special agents are transferred to a sector of the US government that investigates supernatural activity. Status: On submission.

The Unnaturals Series, Book 0.5. Urban fantasy / spy thriller. Prequel to The Unnaturals. Three part book that tells how Zachariah and Ashton met and how The Unnaturals was formed. Status: In progress.

The Unnaturals Series, Book 2. Urban fantasy / spy thriller. Sequel to The Unnaturals. After the events of the first novel, Riley is forced to go on the run as forces stronger than her make her destruction their goal. Status: In progress.

The Deadening: Collapse
The Deadening, Part 1. Serialized novel. Horror / historical western. In an 1868 silver mining town, the sheriff and a schoolteacher team up to protect the town’s citizens from a mysterious outbreak of violence. Status: In progress.

The Deadening: Lamentation
The Deadening, Part 2. Serialized novel. Horror / historical western. As a town grieves, their sheriff tries to track down the source of the outbreak of violence. Status: Outlining.

Small Town Dead
Standalone novel. Horror / zombie fiction / post-apocalyptic. Side novel in The Becoming Series. An EMT travels from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to her hometown in the midst of a zombie outbreak in a desperate attempt to reunite with her family. Status: Outlining / planning stages.

There are a ton of other books on my list of future projects, but they won’t make an appearance on my list until I actually start on some point of the process on them.

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