Cover Reveal The Becoming Series


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Here it is, for your viewing pleasure, the cover for The Becoming: Origins, a story that takes place before the events of The Becoming but is meant to be read after The Becoming: Revelations (unless you don’t give a flying crap about spoilers; then, by all means, read them chronologically).

Version 2

Michael Brandt Evans is at rock bottom, and he knows it. At thirty-seven, he has no prospects and no future, and the only thing he has left to live for is his younger sister Olivia. When one of Olivia’s virology professors approaches him to take place in a joint CDC-DARPA medical study that will net him a large enough payday to put his sister through college, Brandt has nothing left to lose.

But not everything at the testing facility is as it should be. His doctor is evasive, his fellow test subjects are acting strangely, and he can’t shake the strange symptoms that plague him. When the pathogen that is being tested gets out into the general population, and with rumors of homicidal cannibals running the streets of Atlanta, Brandt has no choice but to escape the CDC and race against the clock to save his sister before those infected with the released virus get to her first.

The Becoming: Origins will be released later this year on all platforms. A firmer date will be announced later.

There are, of course, already three other novels and a novella released, and you can pick those up for the low, low price of $3.99! YOu can pick those up by clicking here!

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