TIP JAR: A Call for Assistance!

So here’s the deal: I’m pulling a Seanan McGuire.

I’m currently somewhat out of work for the next couple of months due to the joys of a pending shoulder surgery. As such, I have bukus of time to write, and I have a ton of projects on my plate.

My problem? I can’t afford to get them out to all you guys because, well, see above.

Here’s the cold, hard reality of what my dilemma is: I work full time in EMS, but I get a (greatly) reduced income from being out on leave due to my shoulder injury. Also, being a writer, I don’t make that much (okay, almost no) money from that approach. As such, I can only really focus on the projects that I’ve got listed in front of me that actually have the potential to earn me money in the more immediate.

What’s currently on said project list:

1. The five-part serialization of The Deadening, a story set in the 1868 New Mexico territory involving zombies;

2. the novella that’s almost finished that tells Remy Angellette’s story from the Becoming series;

3. a stack of books that are in the various outlining and planning stages for the Unnaturals series;

4. completion of The Becoming: Under Siege (book four), plus outlining and drafting of The Becoming: Awakening and The Becoming: Redemption;

5. a couple of other super secret projects that are going to blow your mind.

Obviously, The Unnaturals and all of its related books are the ones that are lined up to be money-makers for me (relative to the other projects). As such, they’ve been my main focus. But, as I approach the completion of the first book in the Unnaturals series, I’m going to find myself with some open ends and need to make a decision on what out of the list above to work on next.

BUT I can only work on the things that will bring money in first before I work on the other projects.

So, as I said above, I’m pulling a Seanan McGuire and opening up a tip jar.

If I can get $200, I’m going to prioritize finishing Remy Angellette’s story from the Becoming series.

If I can get $300 or more, I’ll toss in the first part of The Deadening‘s release.

If, by some miracle, that tip jar total tops $500, then I’m going to prep up both of the above, plus get The Becoming: Under Siege out for you guys.

You can donate any amount you feel the need to. Everyone who donates at least $5 will receive a set of bookmarks for the Becoming series in the mail, so make sure you have your mailing address on the Paypal!

To drop some change in the tip jar and and help me get these books out for your enjoyment, please click the button below:

Donate Button

Tip jar will be open until May 1st.

Thank each and every one of you for your support!

2 thoughts on “TIP JAR: A Call for Assistance!

  1. Good luck with the surgery and recovery! I get the EMS life. Husband is a full-time paramedic for private company and it sucks! I love The Becoming series and can’t wait to the next one is released!

    • Sorry, I just saw this message! (Life got hectic for a bit there.) The surgery went well, thankfully, and I’m now in physical therapy. 🙂 But things are going great, thankfully!

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