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Merry Christmas! THE BECOMING is on Sale for $2.99!

Merry Christmas to all my friends and followers!

In celebration of Christmas (among other assorted things), there’s quite a few sales going on that I thought I’d fill you all in on.

Where to start, where to start?

The Becoming is currently on sale in ebook format as part of Permuted Press’s The Mayans Were Wrong Sale! For a limited time, you can buy The Becoming on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for only $2.99 for your Kindle or Nook. You can check out the Amazon page for the book right here, and you can pick up the Nookbook on Barnes & Noble right here. This sale ends on January 2nd, so get it at the $2.99 price while you can!

You can also check out all the other thirteen Permuted Press books that are on sale by clicking right here!

In other, equally awesome news, the audiobook editions of The Becoming and The Becoming: Ground Zero are both on sale for Audible members for only $1.99 for a limited time! I’m not sure when this sale ends, so if you’ve been considering grabbing up the audiobooks for the series and you’re also an Audible member, you can scoop The Becoming‘s audiobook right here, and you can grab The Becoming: Ground Zero‘s audiobook here!

And if you’re still looking to buy autographed copies of The Becoming and The Becoming: Ground Zero, you can check out the page for that here.

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