The Becoming: Revelations Countdown Continues!

Just as the subject line says, the countdown is continuing. I hope everyone’s been checking out my Tumblr page to follow along with the countdown from the soundtrack perspective! We’re up to track 8 over there!

You can also check out my new Pinterest account. One of the boards I’ve started over there is focused on the Becoming series, and I’ll be posting random crap that makes me think of the novels, including my Fantasy Movie Dream Casting of the characters (three of which I’ve already posted) just for fun’s sake.

Coming soon: the first part of a new novella, plus the cover reveal for The Becoming: Revelations. Yes, the cover is done. I have it on my computer. The few who have seen it love it, which is a good thing, yes?

If you’ve got any burning questions about me, my writing, my books, the series, the characters, whatever that you’d like to have answered, send them over to me! You can email them, facebook them, comment here, whatever, and I’ll turn it into a post all on its own! 🙂

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