Thoughts on the Big Baddies of The Becoming AND Win a Copy of THE UNNATURALS!

I have to admit, it’s interesting reading reviews, especially when I mentally compare the overall reviews for The Becoming versus The Becoming: Ground Zero. One of the first things I’ve noticed about the books, especially The Becoming: Ground Zero, is that it’s fairly polarizing: people either like it or dislike it, with little to no middle ground. And the dislikes don’t even really bother me all that much, because you can’t really please everyone. But it’s actually a recent review of Ground Zero that sparked a few thoughts regarding the book trilogy overall:

A good portion of people have totally missed who the bad guys were in The Becoming: Ground Zero. And it’s not who you think.

In The Becoming, the big baddies were the infected. They were everywhere, the infection was fresh, and characters had no flippin’ idea what they were doing. They were fighting and struggling to survive, dispensing with heroics and even at times getting so frazzled that they forgot basic survival skills in favor of doing…well, quite frankly, stupid things. I like to think this is realistic of humanity in general: even the smartest, most skilled people will sometimes fall apart in the most stressful situations. Zombies getting up and eating your family? Yeah, you might not remember that you’re a master sniper if you’re too busy freaking out because you just saw someone you love eat someone else you love. Everywhere the characters look, there’s violence, terror, and absolute chaos. It’s not a situation that most people would have any coping skills with, because it’s a situation no one has ever actually been in. As such, I believe that it’s totally realistic for, say, Ethan Bennett to fall apart, despite his skills and experience as a police officer, because he’s facing down something he’s never seen before and never imagined could actually exist. The same goes for Cade Alton and Brandt Evans. Despite their military backgrounds, there is some level of freaked-out on their part, because they’ve never seen such a sheer magnitude of violence and slaughter in their lives, not even in combat.

And that actually brings us to The Becoming: Ground Zero and the big baddies in it. For some reason, and I’m not sure why (okay, I lie, I am sure why), people keep thinking that The Becoming: Ground Zero is a zombie novel. Let me lay it out for you right now:

The Becoming: Ground Zero is not a zombie novel.

The big baddies in The Becoming: Ground Zero aren’t who you think they are.

This actually leads me to ask: for those of you who have read the book (and I hope it’s many of you), who do you think the bad guy(s) is/are? Comment here, tweet, or Facebook your answer to me and I’ll put your name in a drawing to win a free e-copy of my newest book, the first part of an urban fantasy series called The Unnaturals. The answer, and the winners, will be revealed in one week. 🙂

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