Project Update: September 17th, 2012

New little thing I’m starting to do here, where I post (at least) weekly updating everyone on what’s going on in the writing world of Jessica. 🙂

Project Title: Nightfall

Words Written Today: 3019

Yes, this is the sequel to the just-released The Unnaturals, which I’m hoping to have out by the end of the year, maybe mid-January at the latest. Everything is plotted out and the writing thus far is going smoothly. As you can see, I made my word count goal of 2,000 words for the day, and the only reason I stopped is because it was starting to get a little late, and I have to get ready to work in the morning.

A few little updates on other projects I’m working on:

The currently untitled side-story for the Becoming universe (which I’m privately calling “Remy’s story”) has been set aside for just a moment while I wrap up Nightfall. I’ve got that loosely scheduled to come out around March 2013, though I’m hoping for a little earlier. Things are already (mostly) plotted out for it, and I’m playing around with writing some other things and putting out a collection of side stories and novellas from the zombie-infested universe for fans to enjoy. (This may or may not include the story referenced in Ground Zero involving a mall, escalators, and zombies. Those who have read Ground Zero will likely know what I’m referencing.)

The Becoming: Under Siege (book four) is also temporarily on hold while I finish up Nightfall, and it is currently #3 on my list of things to write. Considering I have about a third of that novel already written, I know exactly where it’s heading and what’s going to happen in it and even how it’s going to end, it should be a pretty fast write once I sit my butt down and get busy on it.

The Deadening is on hold while I do some research. I have my fingers crossed that I can get back to it soon.

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