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THE BECOMING: GROUND ZERO Reviewed by The Guilded Earlobe!

The Guilded Earlobe, aka Bob Reiss, has posted his review of The Becoming: Ground Zero over on his blog, and he has very awesome things to say about it. Here’s a sampling of his review:

The Becoming: Ground Zero succeeds where many follow ups fail, by changing the tone and slowing down the pace, Meigs actually manages to create even more tension than the original. It’s not an easy ride, with devastating emotion and heartbreak as we become more and more attach to these characters in an extremely unpredictable world. Full of mystery, intrigue and even some romance, The Becoming is a series I want to devour like a lone weaponless survivor in a horde of the undead.

You can read the entirety of his review right here, and you can pick up a copy of the audiobook from Audible.com right here!

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