Giveaways, Ground Zero, and Autographed Copies!

Just a recap post of the past week or so, in case you missed anything!

First, I have several autographed copies of The Becoming available for purchase for only $15! (This includes shipping, handling, packaging, all that fun stuff.) I accept payments by Paypal and Google Wallet (aka Google Checkout), and I mail as soon as the payment clears/hits my bank account. (Usually within three days.) Copies can be personalized too. If you’re interested in purchasing one, just comment here or hit me up on my email at to make sure there’s copies left before you pay. (Also, I use a different email address for my Paypal account than what’s listed here, so please don’t try to send money to the jessica.meigs address!)

Secondly, in case you somehow managed to miss all the news, The Becoming: Ground Zero is now available (early!) in eBook format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords! You can click here to see the synopsis, the incoming praise, and the purchasing links. Paperback and audiobook formats are coming soon! (I will eventually have autographed paperbacks of Ground Zero available for direct purchase too.)

I somehow managed to miss a review of Ground Zero on BuyZombie from mid-June, so here it is for your reading pleasure! A sample of the review:

With some sequels there is always the slight pause while the reader considers that maybe the sequel won’t match up to the first book. That is not the case. Ground Zero delivers pulse pounding action, edge of your seat action, and tension. It’s a rollercoaster ride from start to finish, so strap yourself in for one hair-raising ride through a zombie apocalypse.

Due to popular demand, I’ve started a Facebook group where the novels can be discussed without fear of publicly posted spoilers! You can chat with fans (and with me!), and I’ll be posting exclusive short stories and teasers from future works in the series too. You can check out and join the group right here!

And don’t forget, there’s a Goodreads giveaway going on for The Becoming! You can enter it right here!

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