Zoombie Awareness Month

May is Zombie Awareness Month!

So just in case anyone isn’t already aware, today is May 1st, which makes it officially Zombie Awareness Month! (According to the Zombie Research Society, anyway.)



Why is May the official month for Zombie Awareness Month? The ZRS says:

Why is May is Zombie Awareness Month? Many films important to the evolution of the modern zombie are set in the month of May, most notably George Romero’s original 1968 zombie classic Night of the Living Dead.

As such, I’ll be celebrating the month by making a TON of posts to bring awareness to the cause of Zombie Preparedness, along with other assorted treats and promotional things for my series and other authors’ books and series! Since I kinda fell down on the job on my Month of Permuted celebration (to be honest, I got WAY busy for a bit there and couldn’t get to the scheduling of posts quite fast enough for my personal taste), I still have several interviews with Permuted authors to get up on the blogs, plus I’ve got a bit of a stack of reviews to write up that I hope to get going this month. This month promises to be great fun, so keep an eye out on the blogs for a new post (nearly) every day!

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