The Month of Permuted

I Hereby Dub April The Month of Permuted!

As of today, it has been exactly one year since I was approached by Permuted Press and offered book contracts for The Becoming, The Becoming: Ground Zero, and The Becoming: Revelations. Needless to say, the resulting year has been an absolute blast. I’ve met a ton of other great writers, I’ve made friends with a fantastic editor, and I have experienced the joys of working with an amazing cover artist to create the images (and the characters) of my books. In the past year, I’ve seen the release of my first novel The Becoming and have even released a novella to be paired with it, The Becoming: Brothers in Arms. I’ve written from start to finish all three novels of the main trilogy, and I’ve even started a fourth one titled The Becoming: Awakening, with plans for a possible fifth novel. I’ve seen The Becoming released as an audiobook, with another deal made for the upcoming The Becoming: Ground Zero. While I won’t say that none of this would be possible without Permuted Press, I will say a large portion of it (the great editing, the amazing covers, the audiobooks) would never have happened without them, as I was not in a position to have those commissioned for myself at the time I was originally self-publishing.

All that said, thinking back on the previous year, I realized that I haven’t taken the time to really feature my fellow (excellent) Permuted Press authors. I blame part of this on the whirlwind of a year I’ve had, especially considering I had to hammer out two novels between August and November alone. With it being the one year anniversary of my offer from Permuted, I figure what better time to introduce you all to some of Permuted Press’s talent? The month of April will play host to interviews and general pimpage from the likes of Peter Clines, William Todd Rose, Craig DiLouie, Tony Faville, Kevin Burke, Steven Pajak, Iain McKinnon, and several others.

So now I officially dub April the Month of Permuted! Stay tuned and stick close, because it promises to be a fun month! 🙂

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