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Interview on ZombieBloodFights!

Bowie Ibarra, one of my fellow Permuted Press authors, interviewed me on his blog at ZombieBloodFights.com! Here’s just a taste of the interview:

ZBF – You work as an EMT, which I imagine is not the easiest of jobs. Have you found that experience helping lives has provided great storytelling material for your books?

JM – Oh, most definitely. One of the characters in my main group of survivors is Theo Carter, and he’s a paramedic. I couldn’t resist giving a character at least a variant of the knowledge I myself possess. He gets to utilize his skills in The Becoming, but it’s more evident in The Becoming: Ground Zero, which will be out this summer from Permuted Press. And, of course, a large portion of my new novella, The Becoming: Brothers in Arms, which is about Theo and his younger brother Gray, takes place from Theo’s perspective, including some rather bloody events in the back of an ambulance. That was very fun to write and was inspired by a time when I was out on a transfer and as we transported, I was sitting in the back of the ambulance thinking to myself, “If there was a zombie apocalypse, and I was trapped in the back of this ambulance, what could I conceivably use as a weapon that’s already back here?” Want the answer? Well, you’ll just have to read Brothers in Arms!

Click here to read the interview in its entirety, in which I discuss my favorite zombie books and films, drop some hints about what’s in store for our characters in books two and three, and talk about why I was so crazy as to write three books (and a novella) on BlackBerry smartphones.

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