Brothers in Arms & A Possible Fourth Book

So now that I’ve officially released The Becoming: Brothers in Arms (which is only $2.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!), I’ve tossed a page with an excerpt up on the site and have been tinkering with assorted ideas of what to work on next.

This is the worst part of completing a project: trying to settle on the next one.

It’s looking like the next project might just be a fourth book in the Becoming universe. I have most of a plot worked out, plus a title (The Becoming: Awakening), and the idea is, if you ask me, passably brilliant, especially when taken into context of the rest of the series. I can’t divulge anything here, as it will (naturally) ruin the second and third books. But hopefully, you guys will enjoy it.

That said, last I heard, The Becoming: Ground Zero is still on track for a summer release. I’m really looking forward to it hitting e-shelves, too. And if you’re anxiously anticipating it, you can pick up The Becoming: Brothers in Arms to check out a sample of the first two chapters of the novel at the end of the novella. 🙂 You can, of course, grab the novella at Amazon and at B&N. And, of course, the first novel The Becoming is still available for purchase. More details on it are available here.

For those who have read the books, I’d greatly appreciate reviews on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads if you don’t mind! They would definitely be much appreciated!

I’m currently working out details for a contest. Stay tuned for more information on that!

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