Cover Reveal The Becoming Series

And Now, the Artwork for The Becoming: Ground Zero

Yes, I’ve finally gotten it, and I feel the need to share.

Here it is, the artwork for The Becoming: Ground Zero, the second book in the series!



The fonts, as with last time, will likely change, but the artwork itself is done. I think I’m fairly fond of it!

The publisher has notified me that he’s penciled in a release date in July 2012 for The Becoming: Ground Zero. But not to worry, friends. You won’t have to wait that long to read something in this little post-apocalyptic universe of mine! I have an announcement soon regarding an upcoming release that relates to these novels, and hopefully it will be ready to let loose on the world soon. 🙂


Additionally, it looks like the site was name-dropped and The Becoming was mentioned on To new visitors from there, I say, WELCOME! If you haven’t read or heard of the series, you can check out information on the currently-available first book by clicking here. There, you can see the cover art, the synopsis, praise for the novel, and the different places you can go to purchase it in paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats.


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