The Becoming Reviewed by Zombiephiles and an Interview with Author Craig DiLouie!

Just a couple of little updates to drop in here while I’m thinking about and am not up to my eyeballs working, writing, or editing.

First up, Craig DiLouie, author of the VERY good zombie novel The Infection and the upcoming sequel The Killing Floor, has posted an interview with me over on his website.

An excerpt:

Craig: Which of the following appeals to you most about the genre–zombies, survival horror, apocalypse–and why?
Jessica: Definitely the survival horror. It’s fascinating watching, reading, and writing about people attempting to live in a world like that. It’s only during times of duress that a person’s true character emerges; and whether good or bad, it’s always interesting to watch. Extended periods of high stress can break a person mentally, and that’s–as terrible as it is of me to say–fun to write. (In fact, throughout my entire trilogy–especially in the second and more significantly the third book–readers will get to see a character progressively cracking up as events transpire.) I can’t really get that effect when I’m writing a story that focuses more on the zombies than on the survivors. I think this is why my stories are so character-centric. And it’s what appeals to readers, because they have someone they can empathize with–and I think this is what accounts for the popularity of shows like THE WALKING DEAD, which is very much character-driven.

You can read the rest of the interview right here on Craig’s site, and you can check out Craig’s book The Infection at Amazon’s website for the Kindle and in paperback

In other The Becoming-related news, the book has been reviewed by Zombiephiles.com, and they had great things to say about it:

Meigs created one of the most bleak apocalypse situations I have ever read, and I hope that I never find myself in a situation like that. I actually had nightmares about this zombie world that she created. … The Becoming is the first of a trilogy, and I can’t wait to read more about the Michaluk Virus!

You can read the entire review right here!

Now, regarding the second book (since I’m getting a lot of questions about it now): I have been told it will hopefully be out in the first half of this year. At this point, I do not have anything more specific. I’ll keep everyone updated when I do find out something though! I personally am as excited for its release as anyone else–this is the stuff no one has read yet, and I’m eager to see what people think of it. 😀

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