New Interview with BuyZombie!

I’ve been interviewed by the awesome folks at BuyZombie!

Cade’s character, I think, had the most development; unlike the original novellas, I rewrote her character to give her more finely honed skills, to cast her in the role of a different nationality in order to add diversity (and to give her a good reason to possess the skills she does have). She seems to routinely be the reader favorite too. The others, while developed, weren’t quite as developed as she was, and as a result, they ended up in many cases being complete surprises to me. For example, when I created Brandt, I never knew he had a rather dark past. That only became apparent to me when I rewrote and reworked the first book, and as a result, the major plotline deviated from the plan in the second and third books. And, I think, that resulted in the rest of the trilogy being that much more interesting.

You can check out the entire interview right here! And thanks again to BuyZombie for the interview!

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