The Becoming: Excerpt #9 — In Which We Meet Remy Angellette

I can’t believe how fast the release of The Becoming is coming up! Seems like the days are absolutely flying by, and I’m seriously counting them off on my day planner. 🙂

Just to drop a quick note here, I’ve updated the Where to Buy the Series page to add the cover, synopsis, and what others are saying about the book for your perusal, since the synopsis isn’t really up in very many places at the moment. Feel free to browse, and if you’re interested in preordering, I hope you hit the link on that page and do so!

To move on, I’m continuing my series of excerpts from The Becoming in anticipation of its release (and next week, I’ve got a real treat coming for you guys!). For the past several weeks, I’ve posted a series of excerpts from the novel, introducing you to the major characters of The Becoming and the general situation they find themselves stuck in.

This week, we meet the remaining member of the future team, Remy Angellette, and hints of the danger our characters find themselves in are touched on. So hit the jump below to read the excerpt!

Cade slouched against the white Formica countertop in the RV’s small kitchenette, panting and trying to catch her breath. She closed her eyes for a moment as her chest heaved. When she opened them again, Cade looked around the RV’s compact interior.

The RV was a stereotypical affair, on the cheap end of the spectrum, the type of RV a lower-middle-class retired couple might purchase for a road trip. It was dark and cramped, especially with four people crammed into it—intended, as it was, for maybe two people. Empty food packages and water bottles littered the floor by the couch-like bench near the front of the RV. The bench itself showed signs of recent habitation; pillows were piled at one end of the couch, and a woolen blanket lay in a pile in the middle of it. And the presumed former occupant of the couch perched on the driver’s seat at the front of the RV, turned sideways with her foot resting in Theo’s hand. The paramedic had wasted no time beginning his examination of the young woman’s injured extremity.

“You must be Remy,” Cade said as she moved a bit deeper into the RV to examine what little was there.

“Yeah. Remy Angellette,” the young woman said, her voice strained, her face pale. She held the steering wheel in a white-knuckled grip as Theo prodded at her ankle. She looked like she was about to pass out—the perfect way to cap off the entire situation. “I’d say I’m pleased to meet you guys,” Remy continued haltingly, “but considering the circumstances, I’m kind of not.”

Cade chuckled at Remy’s attempt at humor. A loud thud against the side of the RV interrupted any reply Cade could have formulated. Cade jerked to attention, and Brandt rushed to look out the window above the bench.

“What’s the story?” Cade asked as she joined Brandt. She holstered her handgun and slung her rifle from its spot against her back. She gripped the weapon tightly, her fingertips pressed hard against the steel in her hands.

Brandt didn’t answer right away. He nodded toward the window, and Cade climbed onto the bench to look out. Another bang shook the RV. Cade caught a glimpse of the street, and her eyes widened in shock. “We’re totally surrounded,” Brandt said tonelessly. He raised his voice as the infected outside threw their bodies against the sides of the RV. “And they are definitely aware that we’re in here.”

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