The Becoming: Excerpt #7 — In Which Stories are Told

It’s now about a month until Audible’s release of the audiobook for The Becoming, and in anticipation of its release, I’ve been posting a weekly series of excerpts from the novel, hopefully to entice some of you who are undecided into purchasing the book.

Throughout the excerpts, I’ve been introducing the major characters of The Becoming and the general situation that they find themselves stuck in.

This week, we learn a little bit more about what Theo and Gray dealt with when the Michaluk Virus broke out.

Brandt picked up a dining chair that was pushed against one of the walls. He carried it over and set it on the hardwood floor near Gray and Theo with a soft thump. He eased himself down into it as if he were tired and sore. He rested his elbows on his thighs and let his hands hang loosely between his knees, his back hunched over as he studied them one at a time. When Brandt finally spoke, it was to ask a question that Theo had been anticipating but didn’t look forward to answering. “So what were you two doing when the Michaluk Virus got to you?”

Theo blew out his breath to steady his nerves and looked up at Gray. Gray’s eyes met Theo’s, and Gray gave him a tight smile. “I was at work when I realized something was messed up,” Theo said. “We had gotten a call for an MVA out on Highway 6, and the patient we picked up was acting out of his mind. He kept trying to attack me, and some of the officers on the scene helped me tie him to the stretcher with some restraints. I thought at first that maybe it was a head injury that he’d sustained during the wreck, maybe an altered mental status or something. We were running lights to the hospital when he actually broke the restraints and grabbed me. If it weren’t for my driver getting me the hell out of there … well, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here today.”

“What happened to your driver?” Brandt asked.

“Jonathan … he didn’t make it,” Theo said, not looking up at Brandt.

It was a statement that required no elaboration. Everyone still alive had lost someone at some point, whether it was a friend or family member or lover, and “didn’t make it” had become a catch-all phrase for all of the bad things that could happen to a person after the world went to hell. And Theo was personally acquainted with several of the bad things that could happen—not the least of which was the Michaluk Virus itself.

The silence that followed Theo’s words wasn’t uncomfortable for Theo, but Gray started to get fidgety. Theo wasn’t the only one who noticed him shifting his weight on the coffee table. Brandt studied Gray for a moment before he asked, “So what’s your story?”

“Almost the same as Theo’s,” Gray said, his voice still hoarse. He paused to clear his throat. “Except mine mostly involved hiding out in my apartment for two days. Then Theo showed up with a load of stolen medical supplies in a bag, looking like he’d been run over by a truck. We’ve been hiding out ever since, just sort of hopping between different houses and trying to stay alive.”

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