The Becoming: Excerpt #6 — In Which We Meet the Brothers

It’s now five weeks until the release of the audiobook of The Becoming, and in anticipation of that release, I am posting a weekly series of posts pimping out the novel in question, including excerpts from the novel, songs from the playlists that I’ve compiled, and whatever other fun stuff comes to mind as I progress through this.

Throughout the excerpts, I’m going to be introducing the major characters of The Becoming and the general situation that they find themselves stuck in.

And here, we meet Theo and Gray Carter.

The two men were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps they had found shelter in a nearby house in the span of time it had taken Brandt to get the front door open. Or perhaps they’d been grabbed by an infected person while Brandt had pried at the boards nailed to the doorframe.

“Brandt!” Cade called softly. Brandt turned to look at her, and she pointed to his left. He looked in the direction she indicated, and there were the two men, still limping away as fast as their obvious exhaustion would allow. In the time it had taken them to get outside the safe house, the men had made it half a block down and into the yard of one of the houses across the street.

Without any further thought, Brandt darted after them. He jogged to catch up as he called out just loudly enough to get their attention. “Hey! Hey, stop!”

The two men halted in mid-step, and the older, bulkier of the two let go of the thinner one to turn and point an old revolver right in Brandt’s face. He stood protectively between Brandt and the smaller man. Brandt immediately stopped short and held up both hands defensively. The crowbar dangled, useless, by the hook over the fingers of one hand.

“Who are you? What do you want?” the blond man demanded. His grip on the revolver was so tight his knuckles had paled, but Brandt barely noticed; his attention was focused squarely on the barrel of the gun. Its opening yawned at him.

“I am so tired of having guns pointed at me,” Brandt remarked as casually as he could. He forced his gaze away from the barrel and looked back behind him, though the training that had been hammered into his head over the years screamed at him that he shouldn’t take his eyes off of the dangers in front of him. He tried to ignore the little voice. “Look, I have a hideout over there,” Brandt said. He pointed to the house in question. Cade was just visible on the porch, her rifle in her hands, and Brandt knew that she must be tense and worried as she watched the exchange on the street. “Me and two of my friends. We’re trying to offer you some shelter.”

“Why? What’s in it for you?” the man asked. His voice was hard, and he had a steely glint in his blue eyes. Brandt glanced at the gun again. The barrel shook noticeably. This man wasn’t a killer; Brandt doubted that he would squeeze the trigger. Brandt focused his eyes past the gun and took in the full sight of the man for the first time in their encounter. The man’s outfit was, indeed, a type of uniform. He wore a dark button-up uniform shirt and dark pants, and sturdy boots adorned his feet. A gold nameplate on the right side of his chest labeled him as “Carter.” Brandt’s eyes lit onto the patches on his sleeves, finally able to get a good look at them, and a slow smile spread across his face.

“Nothing. Just the idea of additional security and helping other people,” Brandt finally answered. He nodded toward Carter respectfully. “And perhaps your skills as a paramedic would come in handy too, in case we have any injuries or illnesses that we can’t cope with ourselves.”

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