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Great Review of The Becoming at Ruled by Books!

The new posts aren’t done for today! I have one more in the bag for you. 🙂

I gave out a few Advance Review Copies (ARCs) of The Becoming to some book bloggers in the hopes of generating pre-release reviews that would actually be good. (Speaking of, if you run a book review blog and are interested in reviewing The Becoming, please get in touch with me via the contact page.) And Ruled by Books seems to have pulled out all the stops to do a fantastic, very thorough and amazingly spoiler-free review of The Becoming. A few choice quotes from the review:

There are a lot of zombie books out there these days. The genre has exploded over the last two years as more and more readers come to love horrifying tales of those hungry for human flesh. Unfortunately, this can mean that not everything you come across is all that good or worth your hard earned $$$ or time to read. Then again, every now and then you’ll find a gem among the (dying) weeds that makes you feel like you got away with stealing something…The Becoming by Jessica Meigs is one of those gems.

Jessica does a great job of using the standard zombie archetypes while also introducing a few twists of her own. … I’m all for that, and wish other zombie fiction authors would make such sensible tweaks to the standard lore rather than attempt to completely rewrite it. It’s an indicator that Jessica understands her core audience, and I’m sure many hardcore zombie fans will thank her for it.

[I]t became very evident to me that Jessica Meigs is not just a zombie fiction author. Her grasp of what makes a good zombie book also clearly paints her as a fan. It is this attention to all the details that must have made the folks at Permuted Press stand up and pay attention. Fans of the genre will be happy they did.

Flat out, this is an entertaining book that never slows down. It’s jam packed with cinematic action that will leave both the characters and the readers struggling to breathe. If you like zombies…if you enjoy scary action sequences with gore and gunfire…if you want to read a good example of what is great about this genre, spend some time with The Becoming by Jessica Meigs. It’s what you should be reading.

Okay, so that was a few more quotes than I intended to excerpt here, but I like so much of the review that I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to put on here! You can read the review in its entirety right here, and I’d highly encourage you do so!

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