The Becoming: Excerpt #5 — In Which Flirting Takes Place and Someone Gets Nauseous

I didn’t quite get the chance to get this post up yesterday; I spent my entire weekend in Atlanta having fun and seeing Thrice live in concert (for those of you who are interested, if you listen to their 2005 album Vheissu, the entire thing essentially appears on my playlist for this trilogy). It was a great show and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 🙂

That said, I’m now back to work on the third book (epilogue to go and it will be 95% done!) and back to promoting next month’s release of The Becoming. As we’re now at the six-weeks-until point of its release, you guys get yet another little snippet of the book. (Hopefully soon, I’ll have that playlist info; I’m considering posting it all at once on or right after release day, perhaps with the addition of song samples.)

In this excerpt, we learn exactly what makes Ethan nauseous.

Brandt walked out the door without another word and made a beeline for the back of the SUV. Ethan waited until Cade left the gun shop before he followed her out. He didn’t look back at the old man standing forlornly against his empty gun cases. Cade slid into the back seat of the Jeep, and Ethan joined Brandt at the back. He tilted his head to the side curiously as he saw four opened cardboard boxes full of assorted types of liquor. “Uh, Brandt?” Ethan said. “You plan on having a party or something?”

Brandt smirked and picked up one of the boxes. The bottles inside jingled together as he hefted the box and nodded at the back door of the Jeep. “Or something,” Brandt answered sarcastically. “Open that up and help me load these in, would you?”

Ethan rolled his eyes and unlocked the back door. He opened it and reluctantly picked up another of the boxes. “What are you going to use all this alcohol for?” he asked Brandt as he shoved the box inside.

“You probably don’t want to know,” Cade spoke up. Ethan looked up and saw Cade perched on the roof of the Jeep, her legs hanging down into the car through the opened sunroof. She had her rifle in her hand once again, and she waved it in Brandt’s direction. “It’s almost definitely illegal. I’ll bet a hundred dollars on it.”

“You bet right,” Brandt confirmed. He gave the woman a mischievous grin that made Ethan’s stomach turn and then pulled out his wallet. He removed his last dollar bill, wadded it up, and threw it in Cade’s direction. “You’ll get the other ninety-nine later, darlin’,” he drawled with a playful wink.

Cade laughed and caught the bill with an easy motion of her hand. She kissed her closed fist before she lifted her hips off the car to shove it in her pocket. “I’m going to hold you to that, Evans,” she warned as she grinned at him. Ethan resisted the urge to glare at Brandt as the other man eyed Cade, and he shoved the last box of liquor into the back of the vehicle with more force than was strictly necessary. It was like watching his little sister get hit on by the worst kind of guy, and it was, quite frankly, nauseating.

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